Fear and Interest in Mathematics Essay

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  • Anxiety In Middle School

    “Math anxiety: an intense lifelong fear of two trains approaching each other at speeds of 60 and 80 MPG” (Rick Bryan). Mathematic anxiety can have a negative impact on a student’s performance and capability to fulfill expectations outlined in the classroom. Educators will begin to see students dealing math anxiety as early as fourth grade and peaking in Middle School and High School (Scarpello, 2007). Middle school students that struggle with this face feelings of panic, tension, and fear when dealing with math problems. Middle level educators can have a positive influence on these students by revising lesson plans and styles that better foster a productive learning environment. When utilizing effective mathematical methods and practices…

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  • The Importance Of Motivating Students

    the Literature Motivating students has been the topic for many researchers for decades and decades with no end in sight. Most of the conclusions from their studies have shown one common hurdle among students: motivation. Many of the published studies by these researchers always return the premise that well motivated students perform better in mathematics, as long as other accompanying factors are also present. According to the research by Nguyen and Goodin (2016), motivation seems to be a…

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  • The Importance Of Maths In My Life

    Oh mathematics. A type of study that sets people apart, but also brings groups together. A study that’s been around for generations, longer than I can count. It influences people in different ways, but for me, I would say “it’s complicated.” I learned how to count at a young age due to the fact that my mother was a Nigerian high school teacher. She began teaching me in my early years how to add numbers up to one hundred, spell all kinds of words, and recite all kinds of stories. A few years…

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  • Gender Bias In STEM Education

    Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics are commonly known as STEM. STEM consists of mostly men rather than women. Women are not encouraged to be in that field and they feel they cannot succeed as well as men. However, times are changing and more women are beginning to take part in the science field. The striking disparity between the numbers of men and women in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics has often been considered as evidence of biologically driven gender…

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  • Math Like Me Essay

    Not only by her contributions to mathematics but by her impact on society. She proved that women can succeed in mathematics. In a society, where it is not common for women to strive in mathematics, it is inspiring to see that one can. In 2016, only 15% of tenure-track positions in mathematics were held by women. This stat might drive women away, but seeing this it becomes imperative for women to participate in mathematics. Knowing Hu Hesheng’s story has inspired me to possibly consider a career…

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  • The Importance Of Play-Based Learning In Early Childhood Education

    of play based learning contributes to learning by allowing the participants to feel at ease as well as learn in an easy manner, especially in cases of numeracy and mathematics. Parents and educator often have mixed feelings towards, and often misunderstand, how play based learning helps make learning numeracy skills easier for young children. However, according to Wager & Parks (2014) play based learning…

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  • The Influence Of Mathematics In Movies

    One thing that mathematics and movies have in common is that they are incredibly interesting. However, when you put two great things together, there are potential discrepancies that make the experience a little disappointing if you look deeper into it. There have been some brilliant films about famous mathematicians who have changed the way we look at mathematics for the better. Unfortunately, movies, in general, tend to have a reputation for moving things around and fixing the information so…

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  • Importance Of Teaching Through Mathematics Through English

    Teaching and Learning Mathematics through English Underestimating the usefulness of language in mathematical training is unrealistic. Using currently developed literature is important to ensure students understand mathematical concepts. Looking back into the history of teaching mathematics, we notice that literature and language have a role to play in explaining concepts and procedures. Adequate use of English in a mathematics class turns the subject from a mechanical process to relevant and…

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  • Mathematics And Mathematics In T. David Auburn's Play Proof

    how these things affect relationships, it also highlights some vital themes such as mathematics, genius and mental illness, in a way that no other play has done. Examining the primary theme of mathematics and mathematics as a metaphor for life, by sheer action of using the rarefied field of mathematics as a backdrop David Auburn gives this play a deep purpose. It is not merely Art for the sake of Art, but rather Art as a spotlight that gives us a peek into the complex world of mathematics but…

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  • Math In High School

    Math has always been my least favorite subject in school. If I had to sum up how I felt about math in one word it would be “ugh,” because having to take math again after completing four years of it in high school was enough. It is not that math is too complicated for myself but I have very little interest in expanding my knowledge beyond the basics (what I have already obtained). It wasn’t until last semester that I became aware of the usefulness of math I wasn’t aware of how it could intertwine…

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