The Influence Of Mathematics In Movies

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One thing that mathematics and movies have in common is that they are incredibly interesting. However, when you put two great things together, there are potential discrepancies that make the experience a little disappointing if you look deeper into it. There have been some brilliant films about famous mathematicians who have changed the way we look at mathematics for the better. Unfortunately, movies, in general, tend to have a reputation for moving things around and fixing the information so that it is easier to understand from an outsider’s perspective, but the outcome is not always negative. However, films have succeeded greatly with portrayals of various fields and historical events that can shape popular culture and bend younger generations’ perceptions of the truth and variations of reality. For example, the science fiction idea of multiple universes has been introduced in many movies like the recent Dr. Strange and shows like the popular Netflix series Stranger Things. This concept is interesting and introduces amazing possibilities but it does tend to be over exaggerated at times. The brilliance of this interpretation is that the film can be used to glorify and …show more content…
The way that the filmmakers had to visually make mathematics present was by showing the struggle behind the character’s failures. The first hour of The Imitation Game demonstrates the growing frustration of the team trying to break the enigma code. They try their hardest in every possible way they can, but they do not succeed until Turing miraculously discovers that the machine must be programmed to a word or phrase that it would be able to recognize in most, if not all, Nazi messages. I think the film has a decent way of portraying the mathematics, but it could explain more concrete mathematics rather than glazing it over with the

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