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  • Case Study Of Land Stewardship And Objectives

    not be permitted within the defined floodplains of Silver Creek” (page 39). As Silver Creek Wetland Complex is classified as a Schedule B Category 1 Natural Heritage Resource Area, a provincially significant coastal wetland, the preservation is a primary objective. The plan prohibits any development or site alteration, with the only exception for public works/uses, and a thorough Environmental Impact Study (EIS) will be completed before moving forward with any proposal. The wetland complex is zoned under Environmental Protection (EP), permitting the construction and maintenance of boat slips, existing walking trails, and conservation uses for fish and wildlife management. 3.2 Private Land Stewardship Over 96% of watershed lands are privately owned. The NVCA has implemented various grant programs to help private landowners offset the cost of projects to improve their lands, and the state of the watershed. From 25% to 95% of the costs of eligible projects can be covered, and technical assistance can be provided. Projects that assist to stabilize stream banks, improve the quality of fish and wildlife habitat, and help decrease nutrient runoff are just examples of what can qualify under the NVCA’s Healthy Waters Program. The NVCA encourages landowners to take their own initiative on their land to help develop wetland buffers by increased the area of natural, native, vegetation along property boundaries, along with stream access. Planting trees along the banks will stabilize the…

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  • Appellate Court Case Analysis

    LEGAL ARGUMENT STANDARD OF APPELLATE REVIEW In reviewing the enforceability of a preliminary injunction an appellate court is not bound by the trial court 's findings of fact, but may weigh the evidence anew and enter its own findings of fact and conclusions of law. Kennedy v. Kennedy, 160 N.C. App. 1, 8, 584 S.E.2d 328, 332 (2003). Thus, if we must consider the facts anew, the court has to determine the enforceability of a preliminary injunction just as how the trial court determines it.…

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  • Save Silent Valley Protection Movement Essay: Man Or Monkeys In India

    “What is more important? Man or Monkeys” this was the question asked by the Chairman of Kerala State Electricity Board, in 1970. The incident dates back to the days when Silent Valley protection movement was at peak. Save Silent Valley was a movement to save the Silent valley, an evergreen forest in Kerala, in 1973. The campaign was designed to save the Silent Valley from being flooded due to construction of Hydro-electric power plant in that very place by Kerala State Electricity Board. This…

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  • Essay On Lyndon Bailnes Johnson's Dream Of A Great Society

    Therefore, Johnson sought to combine many of his antipoverty and anticrime proposals to achieve peace and prosperity through control. Assistant professor of History at Harvard, Elizabeth Hinton, accurately points out in her article, A War within Our Own Boundaries": Lyndon Johnson's Great Society and the Rise of the Carceral State, when she puts forth, “Born from one of the most idealistic enterprises in the nation’s history, the punitive transformation of domestic urban policy that now…

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  • Commercial Law In Australia

    It’s noteworthy to mention that Japan and Korea have recently consolidated their role in elaborating the law of commercial sales transactions, and have entered into the CISG community. Furthermore, China has reformed its domestic sales law to reflect many provisions of the CISG. And as Australia is a signatory to the CISG, meaning that this document is already embedded in the Australian legislative landscape, it has a similar aspiration of creating a ‘bridge’ to the civil law world.…

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  • Franklin D. Roosevelt And The New Deal

    took 18-25 years from relief families who had difficulties finding jobs after the Great Depression and gave them jobs in the woods and fields. This employed around 2.5 million men in the United States. While the New Deal programs focused on temporary betterment, Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) worked on projects of long term benefits such as building dams, generating cheap electric power, setting up schools, libraries, health centers and improving navigation. To boost industrial activity, the…

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  • Juvenile Offenders Is An Alternative Method Of Programs

    In a Detroit News editorial article, Governor Rick Snyder proposes the state of Michigan needs to step up to do more for juvenile offenders. One of Governor Snyder’s proposals is to establish programs that would determine the best way to treat each offender (“Detroit News,” 2015). Keeping teens at home or in local treatment programs leads to keeping them out of prison as an adult. The reform would encourage a justice system that works in the best interest of the juvenile offender (“Detroit…

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  • Fdi Inflows Case Study

    definition fits with actual data in this economic sector-, this proposal aims to characterize the FDI inflows into media and communication sector in Chile and the imports of cultural services and goods, especially audiovisual ones. The research will also look at the regulatory frame of both FDI and imports in this issue, such as tariffs, quotas, or nontariff barriers. This is especially crucial for this type of services and goods: Quotas are one of the most widely applied domestic…

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  • The Manhattan Transcripts Analysis

    Appendices Appendix 1 ‘The Manhattan Transcripts’ by Bernard Tschumi “The Manhattan Transcripts is a theoretical project of drawings, they differ from the most architectural drawings insofar as they are neither real projects nor mere fantasies. They propose to transcribe an architectural interpretation of reality. To this aim, they use a particular structure indicated by photographs that either direct or ‘witness’ events (some would say ‘functions’, others would call them ‘programs’) At the…

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  • Revenue Diversion Prohibition Case Study

    other facilities used. Substantial use consists, on a monthly basis, of the following: Five or more based aircraft on or adjacent to the airport; 300 or more landings; or Total landed weight of government aircraft exceeding 300 million pounds. The FAA does not assume the role of negotiator between the Sponsor and the federal government entity using the airport. Also, this Assurance does not apply to rates and fees charged for the use of land for facilities such as hangars, operations centers,…

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