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  • The Importance Of Culture And The Arts

    the question whether culture and the arts should be funded if they are not profitable. According to Edward Tylor, “culture is a complex whole which includes knowledge, belief, art, morals, law, custom, and any other capabilities and habits acquired by man as a member of society” (Tylor, 1889). Culture and arts is an important element that the people today should not neglect, as it is present in every society and nation. It also represents the society in terms of its ideas, feelings and values. With that, it is reasonable to say that the richness of a society is determined by its art and culture. Cultures can also be seen as different forms of arts. Arts not only convey and communicate cultural ideas…

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  • The Role Of Art In American Culture

    going to answer this question by first addressing what makes something art. For many it used to only express and ideology and was made for churches and commissioned for royalty or religious leaders. That notion has changed and for the better. Art is a fundamental human aspect that takes expression in many forms. The creativity shapes cultures and highlights the expertness. For this paper I am going to focus in only visual art such as sculpture, paintings and installations. Art reaches many…

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  • Body Art In Different Cultures

    Warren Surrett NU ID:36533636 April 24th 2015 Body Art in Different Cultures Introduction Body art (body modification) is used differently all around the world to represent aspects of cultures. Arts being practiced, range from a variety of modifications to the body. Some of the most common type of body art are piercing, tattoos, and scarification. These methods are often used as a rites of passage, aesthetic reasons, religious reasons, and to show self-expression. The three different cultures…

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  • Art In Ancient Egypt, Aegean, And Greek Culture

    that could describe the world as it ages, it would be art. Art has been part of our history from the very beginning at which it has served as the earliest form of record of the events that occurred in the past. It also has illustrated and still illustrates life from different time periods and cultures. One recurring subject that appeared throughout the entire history of art is the depiction of man and how it has developed over the centuries. From the art of the Paleolithic period, ancient near…

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  • Authentic Indigenous Visual Art And Culture

    Within the vast and expanding field of Indigenous visual art and culture there continues to be a difficult debate about what is considered ‘authentic’ Indigenous art. Traditional pre-contact art motifs, materials and styles as are viewed, particularly from a settler audience, as truly authentic Indigenous art. This stance is increasingly damaging to Canadian Aboriginal communities and artists. For this attitude that only art made before or within the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries are…

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  • Pop Art Vs Popular Culture

    Popular culture, or Pop Art was a time when simple objects of everyday life were made into fine art, but more often Pop art is a statement on mass advertising and the customer culture after WWII. It also was a means to demonstrate against future conflicts as well. During the world’s recovery of WWII magazines and newspapers were full of advertisements of what to buy, and how the perfect house hold should look like. People tried to live above their means in order to fulfil what they thought they…

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  • The Art Of War: The Meaning Of Chinese Strategic Culture

    Chinese strategic culture It is very hard to define the meaning of strategic culture. According to Andrew Scobell, it is a persistent system of values held in common by the leaders or group of leaders of a state concerning the use of military force (Scobell 1999). Strategic culture consists of common beliefs, cultural assumptions, and behavior of individuals, based on shared experience and collective identification of a group’s relationship (Delios and Henisz, 2003). Research by Nisbett…

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  • 1960s Pop-Art Culture: Marisol's Tea For Three

    Marisol found inspiration from personal memories and photographs she had seen. Her religious beliefs also had a huge impact on her art. After the death of her mother, Marisol stopped communicating regularly until she reached the age of twenty and self-inflicted pain onto herself. Marisol tied ropes around her waist and walked on her knees until they started to bleed all in emulation of saints and martyrs. Marisol’s father had a great influence on her in the beginning of her career (“Marisol…

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  • Importance Of Art And Culture

    What I thought before Appreciation for art and culture is related to the economic status. When the majority of the population still struggle for surviving or getting a decent life, the government and the private sector of that society would naturally put priority on economic development, no matter what its statement would claim. After the majority of the population has some extra money and time, the idea of enjoying art and culture emerges and the related industry would prosper. In developed…

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  • The Oppression Of Art Culture

    an apologetic for some historic or imagined evangelical oppression of Art Culture.In fact, my paper is late because I approached the reading that way. Prior to our class discussion- I struggled to flesh out a paper from the questions posed. I had read and highlighted my way through the assigned text- but had no real context for the material. I was happily surprised to find that Mr. Schaeffer’s essays perfectly illuminated talking points for me in our class discussion.While raised in a Christian…

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