Save Silent Valley Protection Movement Essay: Man Or Monkeys In India

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“What is more important? Man or Monkeys” this was the question asked by the Chairman of Kerala State Electricity Board, in 1970. The incident dates back to the days when Silent Valley protection movement was at peak. Save Silent Valley was a movement to save the Silent valley, an evergreen forest in Kerala, in 1973. The campaign was designed to save the Silent Valley from being flooded due to construction of Hydro-electric power plant in that very place by Kerala State Electricity Board. This Project was to come up on the Kuntiphuza river, 15 kilometres away from Silent Valley. The site was very suitable for a 240 MW project and the KSEB desperately wanted to build a Hydro-electric project there. With the announcement of the Project, protests …show more content…
In this movement a lot of religious, spiritual leaders , social activist and politician joined hands to crate a serene Ganga. This movement was basically centered in UP and Bihar. The campaign was supported by the Ganga Seva Abhiyanam and National Women’s organization.
Baliyapal Movement:
This movement was launched to protest against the testing of missiles by Indian Armed Forces n the land of Baliyapal village which made the soil infertile.
So these were all some of the famous movements which have been carried out in the past in India. Though all the movements involved some big names and masses, but there are some movements in the local scale which are carried out every day. Power plant construction (thermal) is a classic example where continuous uproar can be faced . The smoke from the power plants, the ash water from them which are disposed in large pits are a constant source of pollution. But these are the price which people are paying for necessities and development. There is only one way we can help this society and that is self realization of duties and responsibilities.The day people are able to understand it then the cutting of forest and trees have been stalled.Movements come and go, but what remains is the internal thinking of all the individuals. They day they understand the

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