Causes and Effects of Lying Essay

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  • Cause And Effect Of Lying Essay

    relationship, it is right and absolutely fine to lie to their partner, especially to get out of a situation, but their partner could somehow find out the truth after a while. The result of that would not turn out so great. About 75% of the people who are in a relationship admitted to lying to their significant other, according to a survey conducted by Dr. Pepper Schwartz. One’s partner is someone one should be able to talk about anything to. Lying causes one’s partner to be heartbroken, and it could also become something done daily. However, lying could also have a good outcome, like avoiding one’s partner and responsibilities only to surprise them with a delightful gift. Whether it…

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  • Sender-Receiver Game Theory

    information and others not. Often people need to signal to others some of their private information, especially when the other party must take an action that affects their payoff. Game theory tries to illustrate these conditions with signaling theory. Often parties with conflicting interests face monetary incentives that make them to follow a misreporting strategy which leads to an advantageous outcome. Based on “homo-economicus” assumption, a lying strategy is used when is beneficial for an…

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  • Judy Mandell Honesty

    Honesty Is the Worst Policy”, best-selling author Judy Mandell discusses her experiences with lying about age, and the effects that those experiences have had on her. She uses strong examples such as an elderly relative who changed her birth date on her passport, and was almost arrested, and when she told the headmaster at her place of employment her true age, and lost her job. She begins with the idea that lying about her age is something she’s come to accept, but towards the end of the essay,…

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  • Stephanie Ericsson's On The Decay Of The Art Of Lying

    Part of lying is keeping the truth from others, which is crucial when the truth is hurtful, especially when this negative impact on others is perpetual. Still, lying is inevitable. In Stephanie Ericsson’s, “The Way We Lie” and Mark Twain’s, “On The Decay Of The Art Of Lying” both argue the rationale of lying. Ericsson states that lying is inappropriate and should not be practiced, while Twain believes lying is respectable when done right. Moreover, lying is an aspect of reality that should be…

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  • How Is Zeno's Unreliable Point Of View

    of view contributes to have a positive effect on the dynamic of the book. To begin, his unreliable narration and situational irony develops an unreliable point of view. For example, Zeno claims he has a solid marriage by saying, “these years have had a great effect on my marriage” (Svevo, 138). This being said, he was unfaithful in his relationship as he had an affair with his spouse's sister. This constant contradiction can be found on nearly every page. Another example would be how Zeno…

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  • Mark Haddon's The Curious Incident Of The Dog In The Night-Time

    different levels of lying and the lies affect relationships. In the story, the reader learns that Christopher does not believe in lying and in turn he refuses to lie. Even though, Christopher says that he does not believe in lying, he tells white lies many times in the novel. However, Christopher’s father does not tell white lies, he tells more severe lies that have a strong effect on Christopher. Both Christopher’s lies and his father’s lies have a strong effect on their relationship and this…

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  • Mazur's Lying Analysis

    honesty is the foundation for morals in his article “Lying” by stating, "This apparent conflict between virtues is managed by most ethicists through a concept called the unity of the virtues. This doctrine states that the virtuous person, the ideal person we continuously strive to be, cannot achieve one virtue without achieving them all." The essence of virtue ethics is that, "to be virtuous is to be ethical," meaning that one who possess many virtues is moral. The person who everyone must…

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  • Yudhijit Bhattacharjee Why We Lie Analysis

    Fraudulence of the Human Kind There are countless reasons and explanations for why people may lie. Some may classify lying as excuses or to even protect people from the truth. Lying is something us humans matriculate from a young age, and slowly develop into becoming more sophisticated liars, over our longing years of life. Humans are all dishonest, whether they want to admit it or not, towards co-workers, friends, or even family; Us humans build on the lies, naturally. Lying can cause…

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  • Telling The Truth: Is It Better To Lie?

    higher salary or new position. In another example, when a team senior suggests new ideas or projects, most team members will agree with them, as the team leader is their superior. So despite an opposite opinion, employees often agree with their senior to ensure better future relationships. This lying can help avoid conflicts with seniors or colleagues. It creates happy relationships. We maintain harmonious and balanced relations with each other by telling these untruths, and in this way it is…

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  • Reasons Why Teenagers Lie

    Every person has lied before in their lives, making the lying process seem like a natural doing. However, what is the ultimate secret that makes teenagers lie consistently? Psychologists found out that lying became more like a habit today, even though teenagers do not know its consequences. Teenagers often get influenced much easier compared to adults; hence, they need to be aware of what is causing them to lie and know that it is not only them that confront difficult situations. Lying is not…

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