Causes and Effects of Junk Food Essay

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  • How Does Fast Food Affect Children

    Fast food to Children= Dangerous While watching an ad which shows a cheesy burger with a delicious French fries, most of us become ravenous. Specifically children cannot wait to eat a junk food because it seems so appealing on screens. Many parents purchase fast foods for their children instead of cooking at homes because junk foods are cheap. While the price of junk foods is cheap and convenient for many parents, a lot of parents do not acknowledge what a junk food might cause to their children. Eating too much junk foods can have perilous causes on children. Fast foods cause obesity to children, and it cause serious diseases. Also, fast foods cause depression to children. One major cause of eating too much Fast food is that it causes obesity to children. Eating fast foods can be delectable , and children favor junk foods over eating cooking meals at homes. Because fast foods are tasty, children consume too much junk foods constantly. As a consequence, fast foods affects children 's bodies, and they become obese. In Holguin quote, he claims how children can be obese," Every…

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  • Junk Food Persuasive Speech

    TITLE: Why junk food is bad for you GENERAL PURPOSE: To persuade/ convince SPECIFIC PURPOSE: To persuade my audience to take less junk food in their daily life. CENTRAL IDEA: Consumption of junk food is really harmful because it contain a lot of artificial food additives, lead to major health effects and mood swings. A. ATTENTION GETTER - I will show you a slide presentation of various types of junk food. BACKGROUND INFORMATION OF THE TOPIC Nothing can be as satisfying and enjoyable as…

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  • Effects Of Junk Food Essay

    should not eat Junk Food? * It is low in fiber. * Causes digestive problems including bloating, gas and cramps. * It offers a high number of calories in a small volume. * It is high in fat. * It is high in sugar in liquid form. * Gives you unhealthy skin, hair& nails. * Major cause of lots of diseases. Strategies for controlling/preventing people from the danger of eating junk food For each individual, the solution to avoiding junk food is to prevent having…

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  • Junk Food Essay

    maintain a healthy body. Food gives our bodies the energy that we need to do work. But not all categories of food that can be include in nutritious food but can harm to our health. According to dictionary junk means useless, extra and something that is not needed. Pizzas, chaat, samosa, burgers, french fries are called junk food but all these food have become common feature of adolescents’s diet throughout the world. Junk food can cause health disease such as obesity, diabetes, heart disease and…

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  • Junk Food In America

    class? The reason could be the food you are eating. Many Americans today want to make their fast-paced lives as stress-free as possible by finding substitutions for cooking in junk food, a type of unhealthy food that most Americans enjoy eating because it is cheap, quick, tasty, and convenient. The high amount of calories in the diet and the lack of exercise has led to an increase in obesity in the citizens of the United States. There are many effects of junk food on obesity in America. Junk…

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  • Food Essay On Junk Food

    Junk Food Essay Junk food is not healthy food for the health of every child and children must know because they generally like to eat junk food. Essays about junk food is a common topic given to students during the school essay writing competition in order to make them aware about junk food. Here we have given some easy and simple essay junk food that you can choose according to your needs from a word boundary. Junk Food Essay 1 (100 words) Good health is the necessity of living a healthy…

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  • The Negative Effects Of Junk Food

    Do you like junk food? I know I sure do. There is so many reasons why people love to eat and buy junk food, but also there are a lot of effects but mostly negative effects. I believe that the benefits outweigh the negative effects because there are more benefits compared to the main negative effect everyone should know on the top of their head which is bad health that can affect how long you can live on this earth. The causes for buying junk food are very simple, the main one is that it’s…

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  • The Pros And Cons Of Junk Food

    Junk food needs no introduction. In today’s day and age, we all know what it is and most of us enjoy junk food. Junk food is the most popular type of food because its instantly gratifying to one’s taste buds and its relatively cheap. We begin feasting on junk food at an early age in America and most of us don’t realize the harm we are doing to our bodies until it’s too late. Americans should try their best to eliminate fast food from their diets because it can cause an array of expensive health…

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  • Should Kids And Adults Eat Junk Food

    Should kids and adults be eating junk food everyday? Kids and adults should not be eating junk food everyday because it can affect their health and kids and adults can get sick by eating to much junk food. By eating the same thing over and over, you might be in a coma for eating to fast with the food, but every child and adult should eat junk food either lunch or dinner. “Weight gain is one of the side effects that come from eating to much junk food. This occurs because fast food tends to…

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  • Fast Food And Junk Food, The Invisible Killer

    Fast Food and Junk Food, The Invisible Killer Are you familiar with burger, pizza, nugget, fried potato, and donuts? The food that I have mentioned above are the examples of fast food. Fast food is food which served in a short time and we can buy them through the drive thru service in the fast food restaurants that means it only takes a little to cook them. They are included in the type of junk food either. Junk food itself means content of food with nutrients limited. Some even say that junk…

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