Should Kids And Adults Eat Junk Food

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Should kids and adults be eating junk food everyday?
Kids and adults should not be eating junk food everyday because it can affect their health and kids and adults can get sick by eating to much junk food. By eating the same thing over and over, you might be in a coma for eating to fast with the food, but every child and adult should eat junk food either lunch or dinner. “Weight gain is one of the side effects that come from eating to much junk food. This occurs because fast food tends to contain many calories and a high fat content. No junk food for breakfast because it could give you a stomach ache.” When you get stomach aches its stays there until you eat something healthy. For example when you go out for a run or jog you would have a cramp, when you eat junk food before running it can hurt you stomach and give you a cramp. What would happen if you eat too much junk food?
Secondly, kids and adults can gain more weight if they eat too much junk food which is unhealthy. When kids and adults drink healthy liquids such as milk, water, orange juice, apple juice, and ect, “regularly addictive for children and adults, lead to complications also obesity, chronic illness, low self-esteem, and even depression as well as affecting how they perform in
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Unhealthy fat causes cholesterol. If the blood gets stuck near the plaque then it can cause occurs and if the clot blocks the blood from going to the brain then the stroke happens. There are two types of diabetes, diabetes one is “condition in which is pancreas cannot produce enough insulin. The body uses pancreas makes insulin to break down in food which body needs process for energy,” diabetes two is “occurs when the pancreas makes insulin but the body cannot use it properly.” After eating junk food people should eat healthier because it helps digest faster and helps avoid stomach

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