Importance Of Schools Raise Money

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Should Schools Raise Money By Selling Candy And Sugary Soft Drinks To Students? Modern beliefs about healthy eating claim that sugary foods and drinks need to be excluded from people’s diet, yet using these kinds of snacks at schools for school fundraising have positive effects on students and school life in general. Sugary foods and drinks are profitable and beneficial for schools. They are cheap to buy for fundraisers and convenient for students and staff. Also, children and teens are more attached to junk food than to healthy food. In the long run, selling candy and sugary drinks will improve the school’s environment resulting in a better education for students based on the funds collected.

Schools should raise money by selling candy and sugary soft drinks to students because it is profitable and beneficial for school. Firstly, it helps school raise enough money for extra curriculum activities. There are a lot of clubs and fun activities that take place in Maple high school. Drama club is one of them; members of drama club raise large amount of money by selling candies and all different sorts of treats. That money is later used to buy props, costumes and stage decorations for different acts performed throughout the school year. Not only this athletic council and cheerleading team also raise money by selling candies. Money
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Ashley Garhardt, a professor at the University of Michigan, helped establish the Yale food addiction scale. This scale is used worldwide to measure addiction in various substances and products. Junk food studied on youth who had excessive junk food found that they showed classic signs of addiction, like, loss of control, and tolerance, as well as withdrawal issues.. As well as this, children and most teens don’t care about health properties, and want whatever is at face value. Most, if not all, kids would logically have a chocolate bar or a gummy bear packet rather than celery or

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