Junk Food Effect On Obesity

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Tired, grouchy or distracted in class? The reason could be the food you are eating. Many Americans today want to make their fast-paced lives as stress-free as possible by finding substitutions for cooking in junk food, a type of unhealthy food that most Americans enjoy eating because it is cheap, quick, tasty, and convenient. The high amount of calories in the diet and the lack of exercise has led to an increase in obesity in the citizens of the United States. There are many effects of junk food on obesity in America. Junk food has had many health effects on Americans. In the United States, approximately sixty million people are affected by obesity. Obesity is the cause of many diseases such as high blood pressure, diabetes, and heart disease. Therefore, junk food …show more content…
Numerous things such as a person 's lifestyle, eating habits, and the environment cause obesity. When children decide to eat more than they need, their bodies store extra calories in fat cells to use as energy for later. Over the years, if this pattern continues, and their body does not need this stored energy, they develop more fat cells, which may lead to becoming obese (Kaneshiro, 2012). Poor eating habits are among the factors that can cause a teenager to develop obesity. Parents are also an essential element for a child to become obese; at home, parents tend to buy junk food for their kids to eat rather than things that they should be eating, such as fruits and vegetables. Some people would resist this idea because of population growth and increasing food demand. However, this growing demand for food is forcing the food industry and other government agencies to resolve the current hunger issues and lack of resources by hiring processing factories and private companies to manufacture processed foods. "The safety of food

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