Public Health Problem Essay

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Public Health Problem
Cardiovascular disease, more commonly known as heart disease, is a noninfectious, chronic, degenerative disease that has extensive historical documentation from over the ages but has become progressively prevalent with the rise of modern society. Cardiovascular disease currently stands as the leading cause of death in the United States, affecting both genders indiscriminately and is responsible for almost fifty percent of deaths that occur. It has recently become an area of intense scientific and medical investigation in collaboration with Public Health to ameliorate this health crisis.
Cardiovascular disease most commonly develops in people for the three following reasons: (A) genetic makeup (this includes disorders
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High blood pressure can damage arteries by hardening them and increasing their chances of accumulating plaque as well as exerting dangerous levels of pressure on them [2], it can cause microscopic tears with macroscopic consequences. It blocks proper blood flow and heart tissue dies when it is no longer connected or supplied with the amount of oxygen it normally has. High blood cholesterol is gained by eating uncontrolled amounts of fatty or greasy foods that contribute to hardening of arteries and vessels that build up plaque.[2][5] Lastly smoking worsens the first main risk. Smoking, through the carbon monoxide (which is highly dangerous) present in the tobacco is shown to reduce the amount of oxygen supplied to the heart, increases blood pressure, speeds up heart rate but causes damage to the interior of arteries and …show more content…
Jacob Fuhrman, a well known medical doctor and preventionist advocates for daily physical exercise and to attempt and eat more fruits and vegetables daily in order to obtain the proper amount of nutrient and minerals for our overall well being[5].This includes consuming moderate amounts of vegetables at least four days of the week. I am firm believer that being healthy is both a necessity and a choice- it is a choice because the gift of today’s present and tomorrow’s future is that we have great influence over our well-being; however, it is a necessity because one must be in good shape to deal with the challenges and rigors that this life demands of us. I find it quite ironic that we lack such control over something we easily can choose to have so much control over. It lies in us to make this

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