Obesity In America Research Paper

One of the biggest problems we have in America today is obesity. Obesity is the condition of being grossly fat and many people in America have this condition. Being overweight and obese are two very different things. When one is overweight this extra weight could come from water, bone, fat, or even muscle. When someone is obese this is when they have only too much fat. There are many reasons why obesity is on the rise in America. Obesity is a dreadful thing that Americans have to go through because it causes heart disease and causes three hundred thousand deaths a year. Many families lose many loved ones to this horrible epidemic that is spreading through America. There are many reasons why obesity is on the rise in America. The first and …show more content…
All children are dependent upon their parents to feed them and that means that the parents are responsible for making healthy food choices. Studies show that forty percent of parents give into their child’s demand for junk food. Eating too much junk food can lead to some serious consequences. One consequence of the overindulgence of junk food is depression. When children are eating junk food or fast food, they are missing out on antioxidants and minerals that are found in fruits and vegetables. The antioxidants are what lead to positive energy and good moods, so it is very important that children to receive them. Another severe consequence from junk food is a lack of sleep. Most of the junk food that kids consume today contains an extremely high amount of sugar and caffeine. That means that if your child is eating junk food before bed, they will have a very hard time going to sleep and this will lead to a drop in the quality of their school work. These consequences all lead to the same final result, Obesity. Junk food has been directly linked to obesity due to the high level of saturated fats and sugars in most junk food. Once a child has become obese, it becomes much harder to lose weight when they become an adult and in some cases they will not even desire to lose weight because they have been in that condition for so

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