Essay On The Causes Of Obesity In America

America has more people that are obese than almost any other country in the world. Most people that weigh more than what is suggested for their height and age will say that they aren 't actually obese. For instance, women that are five feet tall are recommended to weight anywhere from 97 pounds to 127 pounds, to be considered healthy stated by Rush University Medical Center, but a larger amount of women with said height weight more. Not to mention, obesity in children is even worse due to the fact that it will affect them earlier on in life while the children are still growing. The many causes of obesity in America affects health of people in a negative way. Fast food is the main reason that people become overweight. When people eat more food than they should, they also probably don’t exercise as much as they should, which eventually, little by little they gain weight. Some people are born with a disorder which doesn’t allow that person to lose weight and such may become a problem. That person may be obese for their whole life because they cannot control it. …show more content…
Obese people tend to have shorter life spans and higher blood pressure along with cardiac disease but also arthritis, joint damage and sleep apnea may occur. Heavier people can accumulate more fatty plaques in their heart vessels, increasing their risk of both high blood pressure and heart attacks. Being overweight can worsen digestive disorders such as reflux and constipation. Many diabetes patients are considered obese or once in their lifetime been obese. This happens because insulin breaks down sugar in food but when one consumes too many calories, which, in turn, means too much insulin. The body responds less to it, and diabetes is the result. Consequently, weighing more effects people 's knees and back by being harder on certain joints and bones that have to carry more weight than the bones were made to

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