Effects Of Obesity In African American Women

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Obesity among African American women vs. Caucasian American women
Obesity has become an epidemic issue and its growing fast in this country. More than one-third of adults and seventeen percent of youth were obese in 2009 and 2010 (CDC, 2012). African American women have the highest obesity rate than any other race in the nation. Four out five of those women are African American according 2012 study by the Centers of Disease and Control and prevention (BU Today, 2012). The aim of this paper is to understand why African American women have higher rate of obesity when compared to other races. Non-Hispanic blacks have the highest age adjusted rates of obesity of 47% that is followed by Hispanics who are 42%, non- Hispanic whites who
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High blood sugar can cause many other health problems such as kidney failure, heart, nerve, skin problems. Diabetes is one of the big health challenges African American women face. One in 4 African American women, older than 55 years old have diabetes (Women Health, 2010). Often people who are diagnose with diabetes 80%-90% are also diagnosed to obesity. Obesity and diabetes go hand in hand most of the time. Being obese puts extra stress on your body in so many different ways, including the ability of your body absorbing proper blood glucose. Matter fact not only does it stress your but also your body becomes insulin resistance and that’s when your body will be needing extra insulin (Diabetes care services, …show more content…
Obesity is a very dangerous disease; many people do not consider it as danger. Obesity is the cause of the top five leading cause of death. That said African American is facing a great deal of obesity that also leads to cardiovascular, diabetes, cancer and stroke. Environment a great significant role in determining the choices people wants. Even though, where you live determines your health and longevity. African Americans communities do not have enough recreational parks, sports club and green save space available to them. With out all of this it eliminates the desire and the opportunity to be physically active. Limited grocery stores is another issue within African American neighborhoods are facing. The only have few grocery stores in African American communities. The few grocery stores that are available in those areas are expensive and also sell foods that have less quality and high calories. Which also leads to unhealthy eating. Culture also plays a great role in African American women obesity. Some women believe that being big is what attracts African American men. Also some of these man pressure women to be big. Another thing that goes off culture is the traditional southern African American food that most African American are known to eat. Which is also known as (Soul food) recipe that’s has been pass down from generations. Soul

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