Americas War On The Overweight By Kate Dailey And Abbey Ellin

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Erik Orr
Mr. Farias
English Composition 1301 – 047
04 Aug 2014
“Americas War on the Overweight” by Kate Dailey and Abbey Ellin gives readers a look at the hardships and judgment’s that come with being obese in todays America. The majority of obese Americans did not choose to be obese; factors such as illness, genetics, and psychological problems play a determining role. The simple assumption that everyone who is obese is lazy, over eats, or is a slob, is far from the truth. There are numerous reasons as to why one ends up being extremely overweight, and many more reasons why they remain that way forever. Other than laziness and poor food choice, obesity can be onset by medical conditions, which can ensue countless psychological health problems. Obesity is having an extreme excess of body fat. It is very different from being overweight, you can be overweight by having too much muscle. There are a few different ways for people to find out if they are obese, the two most common are using the Body Mass Index (BMI), or by simply measuring their waist circumference. Obesity is not a laughing matter, for those that are obese it is a very serious health risk that should not be taken lightly. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), “Obesity is higher among middle age adults (40-59) 39.5%, compared to younger adults (20-39) 30.3%, or adults over 60 years of age 35.4%.” They also stated that men and women who graduated college are much less likely to…

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