Essay about Health Inequality And Social Class

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Health Inequality/Social Class
Health inequality is when the health of two or more people is decided based on their socioeconomic situation. According to the Oxford English Dictionary, social class is “a division of a society based on social and economic status.” There are three types of social class. The first type of class is what sociologists refer to as the upper class. Class number two is referred to as the middle class. Class number three is referred to as the lower class. The people in these three classes are often referred to as the rich people, in between the rich and the poor people, and the poor people. This paper will show how each group benefits – or doesn’t benefit – regarding healthcare, based on their social class.

Health Care in the U.S
When it comes to the matter of health care in the United States of America, money plays a major role. The class with the most money is likely to receive the best health care possible. An example of this is the game session I attended for my sociology class called the Last Straw. To begin, we were separated into different groups and each group had its own social class. Money was divided among each group by rolling dice: the higher the number you rolled, the more money you received to begin the game. Then, we rolled the dice again to determine what spot on the game board we would land on. When you landed on a space you got a…

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