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  • My Worst Nightmare Essay

    Life was going along ok Mum worked part time at the local Supermarket and Dad worked at the concrete plant driving the Backo and he was the person to put all the sand and soil into the tip trucks. then disaster and all my fears happened my worst nightmare my mum has had a stroke and it wasn 't good, Lisa picked us up from school which was very unusual because we always walked home we lived so close to the school and seeing Lisa there I just knew it wasn’t good we went straight to the hospital and dad was in a room with a doctor with his head in his hands he was crying I don’t think I have ever seen him cry it was heartbreaking. If there was a level between 1 to 10 on how bad mum’s stroke was I think 9 sounds about right she was a vegetable of the worst kind it was like she knew who we were but she couldn’t speak her body wasn’t hers anymore all she could do was blink at us it wasn’t like she was unconscious and we could just turn the life machine off Mum’s stroke was quite unusual she never lost consciousness the whole time she had an operation as soon as she…

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  • Bella Barton: Everyone's Worst Nightmare

    Bella Barton: Everyone's Worst Nightmare!! Who is this girl? I thought. She was wearing a purple shirt, purple pants, and purple shoes. She looked like a girl version of Willy Wonka... It happened when me and Justine were exiting the house and got in the elevator. The elevator went down, and we saw this pink superhero. Well..she was obviously pink, I already said that, and she was wearing a Pink headpiece. She looked like the Pink Panther in a race. Talking about cats.. She was with…

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  • The Theme Of Fear In A Monster Calls By Patrick Ness

    off than she looks saying, "She'll seem better tomorrow, but she won't be Conor" (Ness 55). This gets Conor to have a conflict inside; he knows his grandma is right but does not want to overcome and rather hide his fear, pushing it away. However, as soon as Conor's mum gets worse it soon hits Conor he must face the truth. During the chapter of ‘School', Patrick Ness shows how Conor handles his fear in this case the monster in "the nightmare". He thinks, "No it had come later, when Conor started…

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  • Personal Narrative Essay: A Mother's Worst Nightmare

    “Thud, thud, thud” was the sound followed by a mother’s worst nightmare. It was late in the night and I was laying down to go to bed, when my mother’s worse nightmare was about to begin, but this wasn’t just my mother’s nightmare, it was also mine. It was a nightmare I had lived for almost three months before working up the courage to speak up- I wouldn’t even consider it courage, it just had gotten to the point where I couldn’t face the darkness alone. I had realized I was never going to wake…

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  • Lucid Dreaming Essay

    Lucid Dreaming: The Start of Great Possibility Baku, a dream eater in Japanese Legend, is a spirit animal that visits people’s homes and eats their nightmares. In Greek mythology, Morpheus is a messenger who has the ability to enter someone’s dream and deliver messages from the gods. His brother Phobetor, who is a shape shifter and is often found in the form of a snake, is the bringer of nightmares. The origin of the English word “nightmare,” is Mara, who is also an evil spirit that changes…

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  • Personal Narrative Essay: An Athlete's Worst Nightmare

    An Athlete’s Worst Nightmare Imagine you are going along playing the sport you love, when all of a sudden you hear a pop, your knee gives out, and you are on the ground in pain. This happened to me not once, but twice. After going to the doctor both times, they figured out I tore my ACL. The ACL is like a rubber band that holds your knee together enabling you to bend, jump, cut, and run. Without it, your knee could give out at any given time. The first time I experienced it, I was playing…

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  • Rob Germanheart The End Of Food Analysis

    With unceasing advances in technology, the process of meal consumption continue on a path of efficiency. The product “Soylent” allows users to consume the necessary nutrients they require in the most efficient way. Founder, Rob Rhineheart, made it his goal to simplify the hectic process while optimizing money saved. His hopes of revolutionizing the food process looked promising as shown by the many positive side effects that came with the product. Lizzie Widdicobme draws comparisons between…

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  • Mental Disorders Case Paper

    In addition, PTSD is made up of three groups, one being disturbances, which is re-experiencing the traumatic event in nightmares or flashbacks; avoidance of stimuli that could be reminders of the traumatic event; and hyperarousal, which could be caused from insomnia as well as increased tension throughout the day. Posttraumatic nightmares are part of the re-experiencing group, and are one of the major complaints of persons who have PTSD. An occurrence of around 60 percent for nightmares was…

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  • Spontaneous Education: A Fictional Short Story

    daughter began crying. Literally sitting by the campfire in a hysterical, uncontrollable outburst. She proceeded to tell me she couldn?t be without her phone because she and her boyfriend have been having problems. I respond with: you have a boyfriend? What do you mean by boyfriend? AS she is crying my 9 year old tells me she began her menstrual periods. I asked here when and of course she replies, NOW. My grandson can?t sleep without talking too his mother and finally my oldest doesn?t…

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  • Wheelchair Adventures By Shane Burcaw: An Analysis

    documentary about inaugural speaking tour of his non-profit organization: Laughing at My Nightmare, Inc. In a story that most people think that would be about inspiration…

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