My Worst Nightmare Essay

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I wake up to the annoying sound of my mothers croaky smokers cough. It is not only killing her, it is killing the family. I slowly decide to roll out of bed around nine, even though it’s a Saturday, there are at least ten to twelve empty cans of VB laying on the floor. Mum had her friends over last night for her usual Friday night catchup.
The smell of cigarette smoke coming from the lounge room is making its way to my bedroom is just awful it’s not great on any day but after a Friday night it’s awful, but these are the the memories I have, don’t get me wrong it wasn’t all that bad I remember having some great times lots of family holidays with mum and dad and my 3 sisters my dad was a great man very easy to talk to, a little deaf but we know
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Life was going along ok Mum worked part time at the local Supermarket and Dad worked at the concrete plant driving the Backo and he was the person to put all the sand and soil into the tip trucks. then disaster and all my fears happened my worst nightmare my mum has had a stroke and it wasn 't good, Lisa picked us up from school which was very unusual because we always walked home we lived so close to the school and seeing Lisa there I just knew it wasn’t good we went straight to the hospital and dad was in a room with a doctor with his head in his hands he was crying I don’t think I have ever seen him cry it was heartbreaking. If there was a level between 1 to 10 on how bad mum’s stroke was I think 9 sounds about right she was a vegetable of the worst kind it was like she knew who we were but she couldn’t speak her body wasn’t hers anymore all she could do was blink at us it wasn’t like she was unconscious and we could just turn the life machine off Mum’s stroke was quite unusual she never lost consciousness the whole time she had an operation as soon as she …show more content…
It took another 15 months before it was finished but when it was it was fantastic we made it as homely as possible unfortunately mum didn 't really change much in her own rehab she was a bit like a baby if you asked me but everyone else thought she was progressing well. All I know is that I was missing my mum I know she is still alive and I’m supposed to be grateful and I truely am but I miss having our chats in the kitchen and when she would come in and say goodnight. I’m supposed to make my Debutante ball in a few months I remember mum saying i could make it, Sally was supposed to make hers and she was going to wear Julie’s dress with some alterations to it but with everything that happened last year she felt it wasn’t appropriate and I think dad was pretty relieved in the end finances were pretty tight. So when I brought it up with Dad he thought it was a great idea something to look forward to he said, so I asked my cousin Anthony and he said he would I’m sure he said yes out of pity because he knew I never really spoke to boys I was slightly shy and very awkward. My aunty helped me with everything else, the dress my makeup and hair. The night was great they

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