F. A Stroke-Personal Narrative

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F.A.S.T is the abbreviation I promised my 10 year old self that I will remember from now on. I promised to know the signs of a stroke and know how to save someone from ending up like my mother did. It was one of those sunny yet mucky day when my mother and I were riding in her green lincoln on our way to pick up my friend. On that day I realized that I would never forget the signs of a stroke again.
“Are you ready love?” are the words my mom spoke as we prepared to get in the car and head to my friend’s house. My mother’s body and actions had been acting funny lately, but me being 10 did not realize it was something I should take initiative in or worry about. I believed that maybe it was because she seemed fine. She still went to work at
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I was so anxious as I waited on my mom’s boyfriend to pick me up from school. Time went by, and more and more students started to leave.b, I ended up having to catch a ride with a friend. Once I got home, I sprinted full speed to the front door of my house. When I opened the door no one was home. By that time, fear and worriedness filled by heart. Suddenly, The sounds of tires rolling on top of gravel filled my ears. I rushed to the door, but before I could make it half way there; Tim, my mom’s boyfriend rushed into the house with sympathy in his face. He rushed me into the car while I 'm screaming over and over asking what is going on. Once we got into the car, he looked at me very slowly and said, “Diamond, I have to tell you something. Your mom is in the hospital, she has had a stroke.” I just sat there, not exactly understanding how bad the situation is. I didn 't say anything the whole rest of the way to …show more content…
My mom couldn’t work so it was hard paying the bills. One month the lights would be off, then next the water would be off. We never had both things on at the same time. We had to cook on gas heaters and light candles. We huddled together to stay warm.Then when the water was off, I would have to go sneak water from the neighbor 's water hose and bring it back to our house. I just continuously told myself, I Can.I Will. End of Story. Because I knew that it was some light in the life of darkness that I lived in at the moment. I knew one day everything would be okay for me and my mom.
From that day forth, I have always went by the quote, “Life is not a problem to be solved, but a reality to be experienced.” Everything happens for a reason and you have to push through it and stay strong no matter what. Going through that experience will help me succeed with college because I learned to persevere and have determination. I know that when the times get rough I will always be relentless so that I could achieve my goals. It is always a rainbow is coming after that terrible storm ends. So with college I will use that same mindset to push me through so that I can make my mom

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