Personal Narrative: If I Are I Ready For College

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As summer started to end I was asked frequently: “Are you ready for college?” During my break I could not get over the fact that I have just graduated high school and now I am off to Cal State San Marcos. Summer seemed like a flash and college was creeping behind my shoulders. During the last miserable two weeks all I could imagine was that my hope and dreams were going to be trampled by my fears. When I applied to San Marcos I was full of optimism, not knowing that college would be harder than expected. My sister would be there to remind me that college was not as simple that I assumed it was yet; I could care less what they thought. San Marcos was my gateway of starting a new life with the hopes of gaining an education. Coming to San Marcos I inspired to study about psychology and to show my true potential. My hopes of coming here was not to learn more about my passions or gain the “college experience” but, I wanted to expand my knowledge. When I was a child it seemed that I was always behind everyone else my age. English was my first language yet, I struggle with it every day of …show more content…
As I crawled into bed and lay down in the completely darkness; there was something on my mind that prevented me to fall asleep. “What if I fail?” This would continue to recur in my head and I was not sure how to stop the voice. I thought what if college is too difficult for me and I would not be able to achieve anything in life. As I continue to question my abilities, I grew more and more scared of failing not only college but, myself and my family. That was the longest most dreadful night I ever had; no matter how hard I tried I could not ease myself. The only reason I was finally able to fall asleep was because I said to myself: “Don’t let dreams just be dreams.” My fears would not scare me from doing my best. Even though I am fearful of the future, I know that it will not keep me from proving that I am able to make it through

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