High School Graduation Analysis

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When my parents first moved to the United States of America, they did not have much money, nor did they have a proper college education to assist them when they were looking for a job. During the start of their transition to this country, they have faced a great amount of obstacles. After months of living an excruciating lifestyle in this foreign country, they were about to give up and return back to their homeland before their fortune had changed. My parents came to the United States for one main motive, to give me the opportunity of having a well enlighten education. They wanted me to live my life without the hardships they once had. Making a journey, thousands of miles from their home, with numerous scarifies, they wanted for me to grow …show more content…
I began to seek assistance from colleagues and older relatives on what more I can do to improve myself. Many of them said that my academic performance was improving, which was a great sign. All I could do senior year is to progress and hope I can once again enhance on another studious year. This time taking more advanced classes than I did during my entire time in high school, I aimed for a mountain of goals during my senior year. The one set of motivation that has kept me going all four years in high school is graduation – the Senior Itch. Graduation, which drives every student towards their success, steadily improved my high school performance. Picturing myself in my cap and gown gives me the initiative to finish school and progress towards my …show more content…
Growing up, I have been taught that there are two roads in life; the right side and the wrong side. Following my situation, I realized that there may be two more roads in life; the easy route and the challenging route. In the past, I was very scared to try new concepts and to push my limits. The phenomena of failing terrified a student such as myself. Freshman year I had concealed myself, and never pushed through my boundaries. After learning that I was capable to do more, I shot for the moon and never looked back at my failure in the past. Junior and senior year, I had begun to demonstrate that I was a much better student and learned how to expand my personal responsibility. Education is a need for every person and there is never a limit to learning. Although I didn’t have a perfect start at the beginning of high school, I gained the initiative to accomplish my goal as a high school student -

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