Mardi Gras Changed My Life

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Throughout my life I have always been a daddy’s girl. I would beg my dad to take me hunting, fishing, golfing, to work, and just about anywhere my dad went I wanted to go. We had a close bond until he was diagnosed with stage 3 liver and colon cancer during my senior year of high school. I was devastated by the news since the doctors had given my father about 6 months to live. To top it off, it was the first year I was able to attend a Mardi Gras ball and that year I was supposed to walk my dad out since he was a masker who rode in the organization’s parade. I had been looking forward to that moment since I was a little girl since Mardi Gras was my favorite holiday. I had gone out to buy the most fantastic dress to attend the ball with my father, yet he had falling quite ill around Mardi Gras and had to be taken to the hospital. This shattered my heart. The event I had been looking forward to attending with my father was now out of reach as he was too weak and sick to go. I cried for hours, devastated about my father’s illness. I was …show more content…
Mardi Gras was also my father’s favorite holiday, so I knew I needed to do something optimistic to uplift his spirits because he was in the hospital and wouldn’t be returning home unlike me. I decided to get up and put on my makeup, fix my hair, and put on my brand new dress I had bough for the ball.
Once I was dressed and ready, I grabbed some of my father’s Mardi Gras throws since he wasn’t ride that year and I headed down to the hospital. I thought, if we can’t attend the ball together, we could at least try and make the best of it in the hospital. I brought all sorts of Mardi Gras throws and decorations to decorate my fathers room. We I showed up to my father’s room all dressed up, it brought tears to his eyes, as he saw his little girl all grown

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