Growing Up In A Broken Home Essay

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Growing Up in a Broken Home and What it Has Taught Me
Growing up I had typical childhood experiences, but unlike some of you I grew up in a broken home. Many people would say I got the short end of the stick; however, I believe it has in some ways made me a better person. It was not because of the broken home, tons of other people grew up that way, it was the completely opposite lifestyles I observed in both homes that changed me. It has taught me many life lessons, including the fact that a man does not have to be your father to be a dad. I was raised by two different men, who are still in my life today. My step dad raised me as his own, and made sure I have had everything I need to have a good life. He showed me compassion and love, and I’m
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If my mom and dad would have never split up, my mom never would have met my step dad, who showed me that a man could love and care for a child as his own even if they aren’t blood. He spent time with me, bought me nice clothes and toys, and basically spoiled me my entire childhood. He always believed in me, and pushed me beyond my limits, because he saw potential in me. I do not think any less of him because he isn 't my real dad. Another reason I 'm thankful for the way I was raised, is that the home I spent most of my time at led me to believe that everything in life is easy and everyone can have nice possessions and go on fancy vacations, but I learned that was not the case. Growing up in a home where I was very sheltered from the outside world made me naive and although it protected my innocence, it hid the true colors of the world from me. Spending time with my dad allowed me to be open to a different way of life, it showed me that not everyone can always have what they want. He showed me what living in poverty was truly like, and taught me many great lessons about what the real world was like. I got to see firsthand what it was like to struggle and have the fear of not having enough money to get by. I have witnessed some things I will never forget, I realize that life does not always play out in the best of ways, but it 's what makes everyone unique. It showed me that no matter who we are, rich or poor, we all want the same outcome in life, to be happy and make the most out of it. Most importantly it taught me that everyone lives differently. My dad struggled everyday of his life but that did not make me think any less of him then my parents who gave me everything I wanted. My family showed me one thing that no amount of money will ever be able to buy, love and compassion, which is within each and everyone of us; we are all the

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