Cause And Effect Of Lying Essay

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A number of people believe that when it comes to a romantic relationship, it is right and absolutely fine to lie to their partner, especially to get out of a situation, but their partner could somehow find out the truth after a while. The result of that would not turn out so great. About 75% of the people who are in a relationship admitted to lying to their significant other, according to a survey conducted by Dr. Pepper Schwartz. One’s partner is someone one should be able to talk about anything to. Lying causes one’s partner to be heartbroken, and it could also become something done daily. However, lying could also have a good outcome, like avoiding one’s partner and responsibilities only to surprise them with a delightful gift. Whether it …show more content…
However, if there are continuous lies and one is trying to stay away from anything related to their partner, then there is obviously a problem that the couple needs to sit down and talk to figure it out. It is not worth their time; time is being wasted. That one person is a significant other - what is there to hide from them? That special someone is supposed to be the individual that one can share anything with, which is why one should always be comfortable around their partner, and be able to tell them everything. An example of lying to one’s partner would be hiding the fact that the individual has been together with someone else, or has another special someone in their life now. The person that was cheated on will be hurt with not only what one has done with another person, but also the lies that were told when trying to cover up the mistakes. According to Clancy Martin in Good Lovers Lie, he stated, “What is true one hour can become a lie the next, and vice versa.” How could a person be completely honest if they are being untruthful and hiding something from their lover? When are they lying? When are they telling the truth? After all those lies, that individual’s partner would not know when to believe them. All the trust and security their partner had will go down the

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