Rich Vs. Poor Essay

  • Compare And Contrast Rich Vs Poor

    class and poverty stricken areas of England. Article from theguardian gives a good perspective of the United States unawareness to the 15% of people living in poverty. A statistical journal on Feeding America shows statistics of poverty that occurs during present time; giving a good perspective on how much of the world is affected by this. Two videos off YouTube named “Rich vs Poor” and “THE HOMELESS CHILD EXPERIMENT!” both display apart of poverty and how people don’t give the homeless and poor the time of day. The severity of poverty in urban areas is caused partially by lack of attention and exposure the poor receive from the wealthy. Ever since the development of cities and even before they’re have been less fortunate people called the poor. People who don’t of lot of money to buy food, shelter, and luxury. People who live off by everyday just trying to find food to eat and a place to sleep for the night. The poor have no sense of security and no shoulder to lean on it is a constant scavenge to find food and shelter to survive. With a development of cities there was hope to find jobs but it only made the poor have a harder time finding food and help. Very hard to find a job with all the middle class moving into the city finding jobs and even they lived in a rough area with little room for everyone in their family. They lived in one roomed slums with in a lot of cases two families inside. If people weren’t homeless, they would all work long hour shifts for minimal amounts…

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  • Inequality In The Community

    The three topics are safety within the neighborhoods, education, and privilege. Safety and privilege correlate as inequalities between the upper and lower-class communities, while education is the institution. One of the main differences between poor and rich neighborhoods is safety. In the article “The Promise Rich vs. The Promise Poor” the researcher conducted a survey to find the contrasts in poor and rich communities. Within the study, they found that in 2005 “eighty-six percent of children…

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  • After The Burial Analysis

    “Resignation” Vs. “After the Burial” “Resignation” by Longfellow and “After the Burial” by Lowell differ significantly in the treatment of the author’s daughters’ deaths. For example, Longfellow’s poem is hopeful, while Lowell’s is hopeless. Longfellow believes his daughter is protected in Heaven and that one day he will get to see her in “celestial grace.” He commands a positive outlook by boldly stating, “Let us be patient!” On the other hand, Lowell focuses on the sting of death and the fact…

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  • The Importance Of Literary Devices In Short Stories

    While there are many literary device that enhance short stories, situational irony, symbolism and the conflict of Man vs. Society are the foundation to the three short stories; “The Necklace”, “The Story of an Hour”, and “The Lottery”. In Guy de Maupassant’s short story “The Necklace” situational irony which is the outcome of an unexpected event, emphasis the value of fate. In de Maupassant short story the main characters Monsieur and Madame Loisel are invited to a high class dinner, but…

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  • The Lesser Of Two Analysis

    The Lesser of Two Major Barbara by George Bernard Shaw, is a play that toys with the ideas of rich vs. poor and good vs. evil. From one comes the other. Undershaft runs a very lucrative business that is closely tied to war. His family who he has been excluded from because of a tradition of the passing down of the family business does not agree with his ways. They are brought to a point where they must accept more of his “blood money” in order to continue, it is then that Undershaft shows them…

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  • The Importance Of Crime In Today's Society

    A world without crime, hate, depression is a place, which may seem to be highly unachievable in today’s society. However, a place where there is happiness, forgiveness and a sense of belonging can be accomplished. In today’s society there is still a linger hatred for people of color, gender and social status. For an example, the poor hates the rich, the whites hates the blacks, and women hates its male counterpart. While this not expressed openly there are movements that indicate what is…

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  • Color Symbolism In The Great Gatsby Analysis

    many forms in the novel where it is the most evident and these are: the color symbolism of wealth, the East Egg vs. The Valley of Ashes and the main character Jay Gatsby. The way Fitzgerald uses color symbolism throughout the novel is undeniably astounding and the symbolisms help shape the novel to what it is today. Color Symbolism in The Great Gatsby is recognized by many readers, the color symbolism associated with wealth in the novel is yellow/gold and sometimes white. Gold in the novel is…

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  • Importance Of Location In The Great Gatsby

    times more expensive if it was in the Hamptons or in an area known for its affluence, this is without changing the physical characteristics of my house. This relates to the novel The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald in the regards of West egg vs East egg locations, these two locations played a great role in how each of the characters interact with each other. F. Scott Fitzgerald uses the motifs of the West egg vs. East egg to help develop a theme or the message that he is trying to show…

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  • Hofstede's Cultural Dimensions Theory

    Geert Hofstede developed the Hofstede’s cultural dimensions theory. The theory is a structure of how people from different cultural backgrounds communicate. It explains the effects of a society’s culture on the importance of its member, and how these values relate to behavior. Hofstede developed this theory between 1967 and 1973. In a breakdown, the dimensions of national cultures consist of: power distance index, individualism vs. collectivism, uncertainty avoidance index, masculinity vs.…

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  • Economic Inequality And Poor Inequality Essay

    Pride and Prejudice: Current Economic Inequality and America’s Poor Attitude Once America was touted land of opportunity, a place where hard work, dedication and smarts could launch you from rags to riches. If one worked hard enough, they could have a plentiful life of wealth and happiness. Unless you are born affluent, we cannot argue this as easily conceivable possibility any longer. CEO’s have record high salaries and profit margins. Unemployment is down. This is only part of the story.…

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