Problems Of Education Essay

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Education is the biggest issue that effects our society in a positive or negative way in our society, due to the increased education level of United States of America. Proper education can make students think more broadly and open up the way they think in various way. It’s true that most of the people who succeed in their own area, attained an education in their major. Therefore, lots of parents want to provide the best education as possible to their children, because they believe that better education is directly related to their children’s success and achievement in the future. However, there are significant numbers of problems in current education system and our society is not ready to provide proper educating strategy to students.
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In the Pathways to Prosperity, William C. Symonds, Robert Schwartz and Ronald F. Ferguson argue that “Increasingly, U.S. employers complain that today’s young adults are not equipped with the skills they need to succeed in the 21st century workforce” (The Challenge, 4). The authors try to mention the importance of the skills in our society. Companies complain that the lack of required skills to young adults. On the other hand, they insist that “Indeed, the percentage of teens and young adults who have jobs is now at the lowest level since World War II” (The Challenge, 1). In fact, final goal of education is getting the job what they want. However, through the inefficient education system, young adults and teenagers cannot get job. They have deficiency of some skills that are required for the job, so companies do not want to employ them. It can show why this issue is significantly big problem in education. As I mentioned, finding a job is very important for me too. My father always told me that I need to get a job as soon as possible, that is the reason why I came America to get better chances. Unfortunately, Korea also has problems of unemployment. Although some people graduated the best university in Korea, they could not get a job. Therefore, I think education system has problems that cause students to be unemployed by the …show more content…
USA is the “melting pot”, which means the country consisted with various races. People can learn many things from diversity. According to Jeremy Adam Smith, the author of as Parents Get More Choice, S.F. Schools Resegregate, “In almost one-fourth, 60 percent or more of the students belong to one racial group, which administrators say makes them racially isolated” (Smith, 31). There are lots of schools that consist with major race such as African-American, Latino and Asian. Students who are in that schools lost their chances to learn the things such as cultural, behavioral and characteristic from diversity. Also, Smith writes that “Poor students of color are embedded in many high-income, high-cost neighborhoods where residents are either childless or send their children to private schools” (Smith, 34). Through this sentence, the author insists that this kind of situation can bring about the segregation in school. This segregation in school disturb students to learn virtue related with life and diversity. Some of my friends were in segregated high school in San Francisco and when I heard their story about their school, I could understand the atmosphere. Korea is one-race country, so it is common situation in the Korea. Then, when Korean people meet the people who are from another country or other race, they avoid to interact with them because of the lack of education with

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