An Essay About Anne Frank

Let me just start by saying that Anne Frank is just a perfect little girl. She was thrown into a bad spot in her life but she kept moving forward. If you look at all she has been through you would take a step back and call her a hero because of how brave she was. Anne Frank was just 13 years of age when she went into hiding in a secret annex in the upstairs attic of her fathers work shop. From there she spend just over two and a half years in this secret annex with eights others with nobody to talk to her won age other than a boy peter. To be a girl growing up it was hard for her. She was the youngest out of all of the Jews hiding in the annex so she was thought of as the most annoying of them all and the most irresponsible. Therefore her opinions were …show more content…
You may be thinking you need more information but these quotes can from a dark part of history. When there is a dark part in some ones life it really shows there true colors and when it comes to Anne you can tell that she is more then aware with her scenario. She has decided to just live life the best she could who was going to stop her didn't matter she wanted to enjoy the gift of life and there is no better way to live your life.

There is so much to take away from this girl she is truly a magnificent person. The struggles the she had to face growing up and then to be ripped out of the only thing she had left her secret annex. She was taken to a camp where she died of disease but her life was not in vane. Her life diary was turned into a book and it changed the way the world thought about discrimination towards gender race and religion. this poor girl went through all the suffering a girl could possibly go through to live. There was even a saying the Anne was still smiling while at a camp. But as we all know now Anne Frank the sweet little girl with a bright future was killed in a concentration camp. But a part of her was still alive in her

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