Anne Frank Character Analysis Essay

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Anne Frank was born in Frankfurt Germany on June 12th, 1929. Being a Jew in Europe during this time was difficult and made her life troublesome. Hitler was searching for people of the Jewish religion everywhere. Due to this, at just thirteen years old, Anne had to go into hiding with her father, mother, and older sister. However, in 1945 when Anne was just fifteen, she and the seven other people living in the annex, were found by the Germans and were taken to various concentration camps. Sadly, Anne passed away this same year because she came down with typhus while in a camp. In spite of all Anne had gone through, she remained positive, lively, and comical at all times.

Anne lived her life by having a positive outlook on every situation. In Act 1, Scene 1 on page 10, Anne states, “You know the way I’m going to think of it here? I’m going to think of it as a boarding house.” Even in this tough situation, Anne tried to think positive and make the best of her situation. In addition, on page seventy in Act 2, Scene 4, Anne’s voice is saying a statement she wrote in her diary. “In spite of everything, I still believe that people are really good at heart.” Even though tons of Jews, including
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In Act 1, Scene 1 on page 15, Anne dresses up in Peter’s clothes and imitates him. She says, “Good evening, everyone. Forgive me if I don’t stay. I have a friend waiting for me in there. My friend Tom. Tom Cat. Some people say that we look alike. But Tom has the most beautiful whiskers, and I have only a little fuzz.” Anne also shows off her sense of humor in Act 1, Scene 3 on page 18 after she asks Mrs. Van Daan about her boyfriends. Mrs. Van Daan repeated a quote that her father told her to say to boys. After hearing this statement, Anne heads straight to Peter and recites the quote saying, “Remember. Mr. So-and-So remember I’m a lady.” Anne was a humorous, witty girl who’s sense of humor could brighten anyone’s

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