Classroom Observation Report Essay

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  • Art Classroom Observation Report

    This is because art involves more creativity and does not have a right or a wrong answer. Creating an art lesson is also very different. This is because I had to look up art standards and each lesson had more steps and materials. When creating art lessons you had to come up with creativity ideas to get the supplies that you needed in the classroom. At first when I was writing my first lesson I was stressed because I have never done one, but as I started and went through it, it was actually fairly easy and just like other lessons, just more detail and standards. I feel that teaching art lessons are more entertaining, and the students get more involved. Students seem to really enjoy lessons, and I hope that in the future I will be able to expand my knowledge on art and teach more…

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  • Inclusive Classroom Observation Report

    In an inclusive classroom, there are always going to be some challenges the teacher must face when implementing different adaptations. Inclusive classrooms involve children who are ether typical developing or atypical developing. All types of children are involved in learning to work together and learn through different techniques. When having to make certain adaptations for specific students, some challenges can develop. One of the adaptions Ms. Diaz had to make was to provide a corner…

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  • Classroom Observation Report: Mr. Bahweting Charter Schools

    Marie, Michigan. Mr. Mitchell’s first grade classroom that I will be attending consists of 22 children from a rural community. The purpose of this observation was to observe children as they completed tasks related to science. I did not interact much during this observation, I opted for remaining in the corner and simply observing. I chose this particular day to observe because of the activity Mr. Mitchell 's students were engaged in for my time in the classroom. Mr. Mitchell 's students were…

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  • Report On Classroom Observation

    Observation Report William Loesche Elementary is an exceptional school for what I have seen thus far. The community as a whole is warm and welcoming. I was pleasantly surprised when I met my cooperating teacher. She greeted my partner and I with a smile and told us a little bit about her self. I was instantly intrigued when Mrs. Timber told us that she was a Temple University graduate because I felt like I could quickly relate to her. Mrs. Timber told us about her prior experiences and the many…

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  • Classroom Observation Report

    The Context I met with my interviewee, Mrs. Miriam Reyes, on Wednesday February 18th at 12:00 in the afternoon at James G. Blaine Elementary School. We met after my observation during the students’ recess and lunch. She instructed me to the teachers lounge where we would conduct the interview. There were few other teachers around eating their lunch, grading paperwork and making copies. She directed me to a table near the back where it was much quieter. I handed her the consent form explaining…

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  • Mathematic Classroom Observation Report

    Instruction is conducted in a resource room conducted at a high school. The Mathematic class is a small intimate group consisting of the focus learner and two other students served within the resource room during the third block period. On a daily basis, the resource room is utilized for instruction by at least two other Special Education teachers. In addition, a small area of the resource room is used as a storage unit for tennis equipment by one of the other Special Education teachers. He…

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  • Inclusion Classroom Observation Report

    Introduction During my children with exceptionalities class had Kendall college, I was able to get a glance at the different types of disabilities students have. Because of the field hours I had to complete, I had the opportunity to observe an inclusion, self-contained and resource classroom along with interviewing those teachers. While doing my observations I was able to observe a student with autism in a inclusion classroom and in a resource classroom. Interviewing with these teachers, gave…

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  • ASL Classroom Observation Report

    Every person has a place they enjoy: a classroom, at home, or a club where they love to spend their time. People do not use these places for social interaction only, but that it gives them a true sense of joy and love being there. My place is the ASL classroom in Founders Hall, at the University of North Florida (UNF). The class is not only one of my favorites, but it has truly shaped the culture of my life. The class focuses on Deaf culture and the budding popularity of learning American Sign…

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  • Pre-K Classroom Observation Report

    In the Pre-K classroom that I observed it consisted of several different centers for the children to participate in, such as: block area, dramatic play, art, library, sand/water table, music/movement, sensory area, finger painting, play dough, and the students got the opportunity to make their own snacks. Not only did the students get to participate in centers, they had the opportunity each day to go outside and play on the playground as well as having an interactive lecture every morning at…

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  • Early Childhood Classroom Observation Report

    The author of Early Childhood Classroom Observation Measure is Deborah Stipek and Patricia Byler. They published in 2004. They practice this measure in 127 kindergarten classrooms. Early Childhood Classroom Observation Measure is to observe and assess a normal day in the classroom. (Stipek & Byler, 2004, 2005) are made using a three-column format along the following areas: (1) Child-Centered, (2) Teacher-Directed, and (3) Child Dominated. These three areas are evaluated along the following…

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