The Importance Of Instruction In Special Education

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Instruction is conducted in a resource room conducted at a high school. The Mathematic class is a small intimate group consisting of the focus learner and two other students served within the resource room during the third block period. On a daily basis, the resource room is utilized for instruction by at least two other Special Education teachers. In addition, a small area of the resource room is used as a storage unit for tennis equipment by one of the other Special Education teachers. He coaches the tennis team.]
 Your role in the focus learner’s instructional program (e.g., teach all academic subjects plus support a behavioral plan; pull out of general education classroom for supplementary instruction in reading; part of an instructional
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As a Special Education teacher and graduate student, I teach direct instruction in Mathematics to a small group of three students that includes the focus, another male, and a female. Each of the students served, including the focus learner, has an Individualized Education Plan (IEP). The focus learner receives lots of one-on-one instruction, as necessary. I am teaching the focus learner in the resource room in Mathematics during the third block period, which is scheduled to last 90 minutes. (One of the other students was absent the week of the teaching segment.) The focus learner, along with the other two students, are all 10th graders. As a 10th grader, the focus learner is several years behind the academic level of peers his age that are served in the general classroom environment at the high school. According to the head of the Special education department and my mentor, attempts have been made in the past to integrate the focus learner into an inclusive type setting, but such attempts were unsuccessful. Currently, according to her, the least restricted environment for the focus learner and best fit is the resource room. In addition, Mathematics in the resource room is the only subject that I am required to teach the focus learner. Also, three other special education teachers instruct the focus learner along with several other students within …show more content…
He has a diagnosis of Mild Intellectual Disability (MID) and his Cognitive Intellectual Score ranges from between 50 – 70. Subsequently, he is much slower than his peers in all developmental areas that receive all their instruction in mainstream. The focus learner has some basic functional reading and math skills due to his inability in recalling most processed information from long term memory. Although the focus learner is in the low range cognitively, he is not surprising, moderately high socially mainly because of his friendly disposition. He works hard and is quite often determined to achieve academic tasks before him, which is often a challenge because of his unpredictable volatile mood swings. The focus learner is in the least restrictive environment because of his low cognitive functioning and the necessity for small group and one-on-one instruction.

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