Observation Report: William Loesche Elementary

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Observation Report

William Loesche Elementary is an exceptional school for what I have seen thus far. The community as a whole is warm and welcoming. I was pleasantly surprised when I met my cooperating teacher. She greeted my partner and I with a smile and told us a little bit about her self. I was instantly intrigued when Mrs. Timber told us that she was a Temple University graduate because I felt like I could quickly relate to her. Mrs. Timber told us about her prior experiences and the many up’s and downs she has had. For instance, the last school she worked in was about to lay her off until she stumbled upon Loasche and fell in love with it, she has been there and teaching third grade for the past three years. Mrs. Trimber’s class is
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These students get pulled from the classroom during the literacy block. They also get pulled during the math block to go to Russian math. Therefore, for most of the day there are only eighteen students in the classroom. Having that many English language learners in one class is not easy for an instructor; however, Mrs. Timber does an amazing job of engaging the students and covering the content in an appropriate way. I have observed in the classroom two times so far and have already grown a sense of Mrs. Trimber teaching style. The objectives are always written on the blackboard and she refers to them before every lesson and had the children read them aloud. Students are seated in-group tables, table 1, 2, 3, and 4. Majority of the in-class work is completed …show more content…
Mrs. Trimber has the student’s artwork and writing projects posted in the middle of the classroom on clothing hangers in addition to on the walls. Mrs. Trimber also has many poems and rhymes to remember difference concepts, such as, “find the number, look next door, 5 or more? Let it sore, 4 or less? Let it rest.” Mrs. Trimber refers to these posters a lot during her lessons when kids get stuck. There is also a job chart with various pockets with popsicle sticks to rotate students. A noodle jar is kept on the teacher’s desk, when the students show exceptional behavior they can place a noodle in the jar. When the jar is filled they get rewarded with a class

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