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School start times is a major issue for students. It’s has either been affecting them academically, or by reducing the students sleep time. Some schools have made the change of delaying start times, hoping for an improvement in students. Studies have shown that delaying start times does have an effect on students, in a positive way. School Start Time Should be delayed early in the morning. Delaying start times could help students academically and increase sleep time. On the other hand, some might say sleeping is the less important thing of the day. Stating “The amount a sleep a student gets doesn’t affect their academic performance.” Even though the opposing side might have a point, facts presented contradicted the fact that sleeping isn’t important for students.

Delaying start times could help students
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According to the author of USA News, Alexandra Pannoni, she states that delaying start times has brought improvements among the students. The attendance rate has risen, tardiness is something that occurs less often. And teen student crash rates related to going to earlier start times, has declined, ever since later school start times were made. Problems that were related to earlier school start times have been solved with, later schools start times. Bringing the benefits the students have now because of later start times . Even though tardiness might not look essentially important , it actually is. Research done by Kyla Wahlstrom, director of the Center for Applied Research and Educational Improvement at the University of Minnesota. She wrote, delaying start times showed an improvement in graduation rates, the main reason for the occurrence was students who slept longer, during the period of the “old start time,” had more credits than who slept less when the normal start time was still the main function in schools. Later start times has given the students a higher chance to

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