Should School Start At A Later Time

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Should school start at a later time, some say yay and some say nay. School shouldn’t start at a later time because it’s interference to part-time jobs, it cost a great deal of money, and it cuts away time for after school things, such as homework and extracurricular activities. To start, moving school to a later time could genuinely have an impact on jobs after school. Reported on Should School Start Later, “A later start, say opponents, also interferes with some teens’ part-time jobs and disrupts after-school sports and clubs” (JS, para.19). This is important because if kids can’t make it to their job then they will not earn the money they need and will probably get fired. Not only does it interfere with jobs, it also costs a lot to buy

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    S School should start at a later time because studies show that teenagers require sleep at different times than children and adults. (Kalish) Many advantages come along with delayed starting times in schools. Starting school later in the morning could potentially cause higher test scores, attendance rates, and lower the number of behavioral issues. It is also proven that when schools delay their start times, their dropout rates decrease significantly. However, there are also many disadvantages to…

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    According to the National Sleep Foundation 4 out of 5 people believe that school times start later. School times should start later because of the many benefits for children. The students would get more sleep which improves your overall health. “After losing several nights of sleep (even 1 - 2 hours) your ability to function suffers. It is proven that there have been significant improvements in school performance. Out of 7000 high schoolers who recieved A’s averaged 15 more minutes of sleep…

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    Should Schools Start Later in the Day? Waking up with only six to seven hours of sleep is not a good way to for a student to start their day. School starting later will help with that. Delaying the bell will help with sleep,health,and academics. Therefore, school should start later for the benefit of students. To begin with, school should start later so students can receive more sleep. According to the article (should school start later?) “59 percent of sixth through eighth graders and 87 percent…

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