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  • My Grandparents ' House '

    The car screeched as my mother slowed down to turned off the main road onto my grandparent’s dirt driveway. The top of the trees arched around the beaten dirt road casting a shadow that soon blocked the sun from my view. The feeling of the road tossing our car back and forth like it weigh nothing, caused my stomach to rock. The rocking got so bad my mother slowed down to 15 miles an hour as she navigated her way up to the main house. My grandparents have a chunk of land next to the Whitefish chain

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  • Dream House Essay

    My Dream House      Ever since I was ten years old I have known what kind of house I wanted to live in. A house that is on the lake and after I start a family it will be considered a loving home.      One of the most important details about a house is the location. My house will be located where it is quiet and peaceful. My house will be located on a small private lake, but about two hundred yards off the edge of the lake. The best location for

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  • My Dream - Original Writing

    Then I woke up from my dream and got ready for school. I was pretty early so I just started walking around the school for a bit. I started thinking about how I used to look before I had to dye my hair blue, put piercing on and these fake tattoos. It kinda frustrated me that these hunters have made us specials go to these measures so we can survive this world with the humans. I feel like we look like cowards hiding from the hunters when we can just fight back. I 'm tired of hiding. All of

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  • My American Dream Essays

    American Dream: what is your definition of it? Does it involve money? Does it involve love? Does it involve healthiness? People have different definitions of what they would want in their "American Dream." First of all, let's define American Dream. American Dream is what you would consider a "perfect life." It can be full of happiness, money, love, food, cars, whatever you desire; everyone has a different opinion. One person?s American Dream may be totally different from someone else?s;

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  • My Dream Of Being An Astrophysicist

    interrupted the nostalgia I was feeling from lying on my bed appreciating the array of star wars posters and memories plastered on my walls. There were only a few weeks until I started university and reach one step closer to reaching my dream of being an astrophysicist. I answered "Coming!" and began to make my way downstairs, as I was walking down the stairs something in the atmosphere felt different, as if something had changed and I couldn 't quite put my finger on it. Regardless, I kept walking to the

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  • My Dream Job : My Job

    My dream job Author:Osage McCuen My dream job. My job I want and keep forever. My job in my job of me having. That is why it is called a dream job. I am here to tell u about it. I really want it so bad. I am doing camp and middle school teams. I am about to do it in high school when I get there. I maybe will get it college. Some people say you have to try out for athletes and a lot of sports you do that. My dream job as you know now is to be an athlete but what sport. Well, I

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  • My Family Is The Soul Of The House

    My origins are something important in my live since they are what I am; they are my background, my culture and everything. Family value is major to my family. Since I was a little girl, we were always eating in the table. I was always doing activities with my mother and we were always going to church every Saturday and Sunday. Church was really important, especially for my mother. God was the soul of the house. My origins are from Dominican Republic. It is located in the carabids. People always thinks

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  • Personal Statement : My Dream

    My dream is to start my own technology company because that is the best way to ensure that I can work on something that excites me as well as having a positive impact for society. I understand that my dream would be challenging to accomplish, which is why I am planning early. After I get my bachelor’s degree, I plan to pursue an MBA to develop my skills in project management. I want to make an impact in people’s lives and because many aspects of our lives involve mechanical engineering, from housing

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  • Essay on My Dream Job

    My Dream Job Heather Isenhour Everest University My Dream Job Most of the time, what a child wants to be when they grow up changes several times over the course of their life, before they finally settle on a job, that either is or isn’t what they really had wanted, or planned on. This is not the case with me. I have wanted to be a hairstylist and own my own hair salon since I was a little girl. My dream started because I wanted to be like my

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  • My Dream Of Becoming An Accountant

    My reason for taking this class is not that I love to write but that I care about my future. I may not be the best writer, but I know I will have to take this class eventually. I hope this class helps me become a better writer throughout the class. What motivates me is that I am the one who gets to choose my future. When I am older I plan to pursue my dream of becoming an Accountant. I plan on getting my Masters in Accounting and taking and passing the CPA exam. After I pass the exam, I want to have

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  • My Dream House : My Dreams

    My Dream House Ever since I was a little girl, I have been imagining what my future would be like; these imaginations included future husband, future job, and future home. One might say that their dream home as a child differed vastly from what they would now want as an adult, but for me they go pretty hand in hand. In this essay, I plan to create a vivid image of the layout to which my future home will contain, because yes, this home will be a reality in my future. It is in the middle of Mississippi

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  • The Importance Of Stepping Into My House

    Stepping into my house is very different from stepping into my room, because there are different decorations. Upon entering my house there are many religious pictures, pictures that depict the Mexican culture, and even the aroma is also very distinct from my bedroom. Looking at how some of the old furniture stands out reminds me of when McPhee stated, “I stepped up into a kitchen, and went on into another room that had several overstuffed chairs in it and a porcelain-topped table, where Fred Brown

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  • My Dream House Essay

    My dream is to live in a big detached house surrounded by a big garden full of flowers and trees. I wouldn't like to live in an apartment with blocks of flats and rude neighbour’s making noise in the middle of the night. My dream house should be located outside the city, on the outskirts of town where I can find true peace and happiness. Therefore, my dream house should have the characteristics that represent my spiritual world and personality with its location as well as its inner and outer design

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  • My Ideal Selection For My Dream

    the house was that I had an essay that I needed to compose for a competition. My father notified me that the education director of the Toronto general consulate has challenged me to enroll into this three page essay competition. I agreed and accepted the challenge and began brainstorming a possible topic to write and elaborate on. Countless hours have passed as I struggled to articulate my dream on paper at the library. The entirety of the time I was interpreting the question as if my dream was

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  • My Life Of A Ladies House

    On February 22, 2016 my group and I went over to a ladies house to talk about her son. Her son has shaken baby syndrome and is 18 years old. In our group we had 3 people total. We all went over the ladies house and met with her son who was shaken as a baby when he was little. We talked for a very long time and read articles that were written about the boy. It talked about what had happened when he was younger and treatment that the boy has done over the past couple of years. The mother was very open

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  • My Thoughts On My Dream

    It breaks my heart to look back into my own life, and look at the decisions that I had made. I try not to think about it, but it really has made me who I am today. So as much as I would like to say I wish things were different and I stayed on track, that I was perfect, and made everyone happy, I don’t. I am glad for the experiences that I have had. If things had happened in a different manner, or way, then I may not have the family or life that I have now. So, I want to express how even with all

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  • My Family At The End Of The House

    little room, the one at the end of the house. I was going turn it into a sewing room, but it was so far away from my kitchen. For papa it was the garage. You know he was one mechanic, need plenty space. The area was big enough for us raise our six kids” (Mary Ann Feiteira, interview), says Mary Ann Feiteira. She is my great grandmother, “Gramz”, wife to my later great grandfather or “Papa”, and owner of our family home on 370 Makawao Ave. “All I wanted to raise my kids and that 's enough. I wanted to

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  • My Life Of The American Dream

    “American dream”. My mother and father were never together; I grew up living with my mother, grandmother, and grandfather until my mother got married to my brother’s father when I was 7. Although I did not grow up like most of my peers, I would not change a thing. I am now a successful 23-year-old Caucasian, Christian, English speaking heterosexual female living a middle class life. I owe most of my success to my mother who I watched struggle for years, working 2 jobs just to get myself and my brother

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  • My Dream As A Math Teacher

    When I was in high school, my dream was to become a math teacher. Of course I had a good dream in high school, but a couple of things kept me from following that dream. I went to college right after high school, but I had a fear of being in front of a lot of people. I put off doing Speech and also taking my English classes. I knew that I would have to write papers and possibly stand in front of people to either read or give speeches. I couldn 't get up the nerve to take these classes, so

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  • The Universal American Dream Is Not Like My Own Dream

    A: is the American dream the same into days terms then when the U.S was first established as colonies. B: the universal American dream is not like my own dream because the universal dream is seeking happens for the individual where have I just wanted to make enough money to live comfortable. C: This paper will go over the basic definition of the American dream and common obstacles that your average person may come across when trying to achieve their dream. My personal dream with also be covered

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  • My Dreams And My Life

    and dreams correlate, but they are not exactly the same. I will distinguish how I determine the difference between being awake and asleep. When I go to sleep at night I always wonder if everything I see within my dreams is part of the real world I live in. Sometimes I really have to think twice about what has happened within my dream to make sure that it wasn’t part if my real life. It is a very unusual thought, but living in a dream one third of my life can make me a bit confused about my consciousness

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  • My Father Of The House

    youngest of three. My oldest sister was the person who wanted to work to help out around the house. Instead of going to college, she wanted to work a full time job, to give us extra support. My brother on the other hand graduated high school, and is currently still attending college. My brother also took on the role of “the man of the house” at a young age. My mom always worked hard to support our family, it was never a time where she didn’t do anything for us. Besides working full time, my mom also attend

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  • My Dream Of Being An American

    from lying on my bed appreciating the array of star wars posters and memories painted on my walls. There was only a few weeks until I started university and reach one step closer to reaching my dream of being an astrophysicists. I answered "Coming!" and began to make my way downstairs, as I was walking down the stairs something in the atmosphere felt different, as if something had changed and I couldn 't quite put my finger on it. Regardless, I kept walking to the kitchen where both my parents were

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  • My House Up On The Ridge

    A Place to Lay One’s Head From my house up on the ridge, if the cottonwood leaves below have fallen away in the autumn, you can see another smallish house straddling the thin line of the village river. It is tucked between the river and cottonwoods on one side and the wild field that my father sometimes plants with corn, wheat and rye on the other. I started building it about five years ago right around Christmas break from school. It is a pit house so the beginnings of it really weren’t about

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  • Summary Of ' My Dream '

    In my dream, I specifically dreamed about Grace’s daughter, Ella. I saw that I took care of her for a year, but I’ll write more about that later. Having a young child in my house would require me to spend more time in group situations; conversely the people I would be around were younger parents. I suppose if this dream were foretelling, I could combat that by finding a grandparent support group where I could make acquaintances with people who are in a similar situation. However, I don’t know

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  • Personal Statement : My Dreams

    Growing up, I was told my dreams are unrealistic. I would tell my parents that I want to be a Major League Baseball player when I grow up, but they merely laugh and tell me, “good luck with that”. I was told I have to be a good catholic. I would sit through hours upon hours of religious education to officially become a “member” of church that is built upon the values of accepting everyone and anyone into one of it’s masses. I was pressured to get good grades, so I could get into a good college, and

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  • My Dream Home : My Home

    When I envision my dream home I see a huge rock home, with a sensational view on a hill, and a backyard with a pool. HGTV, my go to TV station, inspires me to be creative and makes me want to start planning my dream home today. House Hunters International remains my favorite TV show. Getting amazing ideas on my “someday” dream home thrills me. Growing up watching HGTV gives me knowledge, confidence, and a whole lot of wonderful ideas that allows me to design my very own dream home one day, when I

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  • My Lifelong Dream Is Achievable

    order to achieve it. In my life, I am part of the group that has to change something in order to be happy. When I think of happiness, I think of it as an outcome of a combination of hard work, progress, and achievement. My lifelong dream is achievable because I am willing to adjust my attitude about events that I cannot control in order to achieve happiness. My lifelong dream is to become a Clinical Lab Technician and work in a hospital. I have always had the dream work in a hospital since

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  • My Dream House Is An International Doctor

    to find a decent job, marry, and buy a gargantuan house to live in for the rest of their lives. Dilapidated houses and apartments were seen as "inbetweeners" as they primarily housed students, fresh graduates, and couples saving for a house. As such, the home often reflects the situation of the person at that moment and is tightly tied to their future goals. My lifelong dream is to be an international doctor. Therefore the need for a pristine house in the future is not felt by me nor is the need that

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  • My Memories Of My First House

    “Mom, why did we move to America?” my stressed, crying sixteen-year-old self asked. I wished to move back to Korea. My mother gave me a look of sorrow, one that told me that I did not understand the world the way that she did. Anger and bitterness were prevalent as I grew up in the United States after having moved from South Korea at the age of four. As a child, my earliest memory is of my family pulling up to our first house in America. It wasn’t much, but being the toddler I was, I was excited

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  • My : My Dream Career

    My dream career I set in stone for myself was at a very young age. I was constantly writing humors stories, make believe fairy tales, and a story full of thrilling drama in a journal my aunt gave me for Christmas. College has opened my mind to a new perspective of other future career choices that may suit me better then what I thought. Once I was done taking the Kursory Inventory assessment I learned a lot more about my likes and dislikes towards different career options. My results helped me gain

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  • My Dream At The Suburbs

    is making the suburbs more populated. Every American in life has a dream and also being an American citizen, I have a dream. My dream is to have a bachelor’s degree, continue with my masters, get a good job, get marry, have children and get them involve in good education, and buy my dream house with good accommodations. My plan is not to live on a city, which it does not make me have my American dream accomplished. My home dream is to have a big front and backyard, have four rooms, a good living

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  • My Experience At Haven House

    coaster for me. I interned at Haven House, located in Hammond, Indiana. Haven House is an emergency shelter and provider of services for victims of domestic violence and sexual assault. One of their purposes was to speak for the women who are silenced. My experience at Haven House was enjoyable and challenging at the same time. There was plenty of pressuring moments where I was confused and some situations were harder than the others. I learned so much from the staff, my supervisors, fellow interns, and

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  • My House Is The Outer Appearance

    half bathroom, furnished basement house you would assume the environment was warm and inviting. This house is the most beautiful one on the block and the largest one due to an extra bedroom built in 1991. From the outside looking in you would want to visit this home but everything that glitters is not gold. This house is located in University, MO and it is in what most people consider the safe part of the community. This house was purchased in the late 1960’s and my parents were the 1st black couple

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  • My Dreams And Pursuit Of Education

    challenges in my dreams and pursuit of education both in my childhood and in my marriage. As a child, I was raised in a single parent home with my mother, I never knew where or if we would have a place to sleep or food to eat from day to day. My mom also refused to allow me to attend school. I craved learning though, and I taught myself by studying books at the library. My mom was constantly reminding me that I was not smart enough to ever attend college and would remind me of my sister’s failures

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  • My Life Of My Dreams

    to me. So I guess I’ll start this way… A few years ago, before I met you, I thought I had my life all figured out. I would be a lawyer and meet the man of my dreams in university. He would be tall enough so that I could be smaller than him even when wearing heels and he would have curly brown hair with bright green eyes. We would live in an apartment together for a few years until we’d decide to buy a house and start a family. We’d have two or three kids and have the first one when we would be in

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  • Analysis Of ' As For Me And My House '

    When one reads “As For Me and My House,” (Ross), a book such as this can be read in multiple lights and dissected with several tools of context. In the previously studied text, “Sunshine Sketches of a Little Town,” it spoke of false fronts and who the human being actually is on the inside and how that reflects on the external environment. This book is no different, and especially so in the character of Mrs. Bentley. Mrs. Bentley, even though she is the typical, small-town preacher 's wife, she is

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  • My House Is On The Right

    My house is on the right. Larry nervously replies, pointing towards a two-story Victorian on the corner. Pulling into the driveway, she turns off the car. "Get out nice and slow and no one will get hurt." She instructs, shoving the gun in the middle of his back. "Wh-Why are you doing this?" He stutters. "I 'm being chased by the cops. Now go." She says, pushing him out of the car. "Why me?" He questions. "Because you were the closest one I could find." She says escorting him up the stairs. "Unlock

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  • My House Is Your House

    everything they could for Angelica.” Simone embraced Marie and they cried in each others arms. “I can’t believe my little sister is gone, I just can’t believe it, Oh my God.” cried Simone. As they sat there embracing each other, Aunt Lori walked in. "Marie, we have to make arrangements for the funeral.” Marie looked at Aunt Lori, she cried, “Lori, I never thought I would be burying my child, my children suppose to bury me.” Aunt Lori gave Marie a hug. As they sat there crying and talking, hours passed

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  • My Day At My House

    I Found Myself My house is congested with my relatives and friends; my friends and family are here to wish me best of luck and safe journey. My heart is brimming with blended emotions. At one hand, I am frightened and somber; On the other hand, I am thrilled and glad simultaneously. It is my last day at my house and in my country. Tonight is my flight to America. I’m moving to America, to be with my husband and to start a new journey of my life. I remember every moment of my last day in Pakistan

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  • My Dream - Original Writing

    My Dream Growing up, little kids always have someone they look up to, a role model. It can range anywhere from the super hero who came from krypton to save the world that you read about in a comic to the person whose there to catch you when you fall off your bike and scrap your knee. Mine happened to be and still is, someone I only saw once a day for forty-five minutes, my favorite class period of the day that I always looked forward to since for as long as I could remember. My choir teacher, Mrs

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  • My House On The Houses Of Marin

    Generally speaking, I’ve based this house on the houses of Marin in California and assorted Cornish fishing villages. I’ve also added a few ideas from friends’ houses, favorite books, and a couple other things to suit various whims of my own. Many of the things I imagine being included are overall feelings that don’t translate very well to drawings or words. What was really surprising was how coastal everything was - nearly every house I thought of during this project was near a cool, grey coast

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  • My Dream - Original Writing

    I had a dream; there were three of them. In my dream, I was sitting in a car on a rocky and sandy dirt road with one friend in the front and three in the back of a Honda Accord. Behind me was three men; I was so scared and shaky I didn 't know what to do. The lights just flashed red, blue, and white behind me. The three guys that were standing half way out of their cars; two of them holding tazors and one holding a black gun. I didn 't know what I did to get pulled over. All shouting something, but

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  • My Day At My House

    boring, scorching summer day at my house. My parents are the complete definition of what it means to be dysfunctional because of all their differences. Although both may be different in their parenting style and problem solving, they both have a similar background and personality that is the foundation to our family’s unconditional love. It all happened about two hundred and seventy-nine days ago. My parents had just come back from the mall and I had been sitting on my couch for five hours with nothing

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  • My Dream I Had A Dream

    I had a dream. I had the want to be a teacher, to spent my time in front of a classroom with a group of children listening and learning. In my free time I would sit in my room, a book in hand, reading stories out loud into the abyss. My free time was spent teaching an imaginary class, with homemade assignments, and random picture books off my book shelf, alone in my bedroom. A passion grew with in me to instill knowledge into the minds of children. This desire to teach began to become my vision

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  • Personal Essay : My Dream

    7 p.m. February 3 2005. Just like my dream birthday, Brother bought a large birthday cake and Mom prepared homemade pizzas, but it was always Dad’s present that I anticipate the most. By the time I tore open the gift, I did not even know that it was a beginning of everything especially for my passion towards machine. It was a model of complex machine racecar set. I shoot an “excited” look to my father and smile, oblivious to the fact that this gift would change my life forever. That night, I decided

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  • My Dream Of Becoming A Nurse

    experienced a moment which will never escape my mind because it represents one of the purest and more symbolic instances in my life. An emblematic moment which was as simple as being handed a book; encouraging me to further my dream of becoming a nurse. An instance which inspired me to succeed in becoming something even more significant than I already was, and allowing me to see a future beyond my wildest dreams. This occasion offered me the opportunity to enhance my knowledge and thrust myself into the

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  • The Career Of My Dreams

    The Career of My Dreams As I plowed my way through dozens of students making their way to the classrooms. When I entered the Criminal Justice Classroom there were many familiar faces. My teachers smiling with glee and my classmates that were in the class from the previous year waiting with anticipation. Then all of the juniors made their way into the classroom. Mr. Fredrick told them to sit anywhere trying to sound intimating. The bell rang as it was time for class to begin. Mr. Fredrick and Mr

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  • My Dream - Original Writing

    could not relax. Worried about what college I would end up in and if I could succeed in my career of nursing. It was a Saturday night and I went to bed early completely miserable. I was struggling in my math class and was not sure if I was going to pass. Although I had been having a difficult time falling asleep that night, however I fell asleep relatively fast and had an amazing beautiful dream. In my dream I was walking through a colony of willow trees that were swaying in the silky wind.

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  • Meeting At My House At 8

    We decided to meet at my house at 8:30 pm. It takes about an hour to get to the tracks, so by the time everyone gets here and we actually leave, we’d probably get there around 9:45. My mom should be home around 3 or 4 am, so meeting here seemed like the best idea. Char’s parents don’t know where we’re going, so she had to lie and say she was sleeping at my house; which isn’t a complete lie, she is sleeping over after. I’m not sure what Anna told her parents. Actually, I don’t know anything about

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