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  • My Mother

    I’m so happy I get to see my mom again. As I’m going down the stairs of the airport I saw her and came running to hug her. We came to her house which had 3 rooms, I was going to be sleeping at my little sister’s room and my brother and daddy were going to sleep in the extra room they had. I thought I was going to get along with my little sister, but she was to spoiled as my little brother was. Somehow I was jealous, because they had everything I never had. As the days were passing, daddy left and I was crying because he was the only dad I had. A few days later, my mom didn’t like the way I was acting around my younger siblings. She finally talked to me and she told me something I wish I had never heard , she told me “ Maybe you should’ve never come live with us, that way you wouldn’t be…

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  • The Importance Of My Mother

    My mother is my number one favorite person in the entire world. There are plenty of reasons for this, which include her unconditional love and strength, her compassionate desire to care for others and loyalty to her profession. Growing up I would sit beside her at the dinner table going through her first aid bag inspecting each item with so much interest and curiosity, with her soft loving voice she would say, to be a nurse you must have so many qualities, you have to be a leader, a teacher, an…

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  • My Mother Essay

    answered. My uncle returned home. The uncle who had been as a father to me. But what we thought would bring our family closer together did just the opposite. Though I am grateful for my Ma who threw me a much needed lifeline. My Ma is a small hispanic woman. She’s petite, representing her innocence, but not her bold personality. She has skin as rich as caramel, with short medium brown hair, almost always curled. She has a good sense of style, knowing what’s considered “in”. She goes singing in…

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  • Personal Narrative: My Mother And Mexican Mothers

    and Christ. Actually my mother does not shoot lasers with her eyes or fights the bad guy who wants to take over the world like superman, but boy, she does give you this look, a death stare that spoke to you and lets you know you messed up and fights life battles with me. However, meaning she is full of care, but not just towards me. As a matter of fact my father was a widower with two sons, my half-brothers who were six and eight at the time, but my mother was only nineteen when she married my…

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  • My Daughter My Mother Analysis

    There were two words mentioned, in My Daughter the Racist, that occurred significantly more times than any others: daughter and mother. Helen Oyeyemi wrote these words seventy- eight times, which gave support to a theme of the short story. The theme is the strength of relationships between daughters and mothers, which is established through Oyeyemi’s characters and their attributes. Oyeyemi wrote her story from the first-person point of view. This meant that the mother was the protagonist in…

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  • Tina Doerr: My Mother

    Who I Admire In the dictionary mother is defined as a female parent. In my opinion, a mother should be defined as someone that inspires you, loves you, takes care of you, and supports you. I know not all people can say their mother inspires them, loves them, takes care of them, and supports them. Ohh, how I am extremely pleased to say that my mom is the finest example of a impeccable mother. My mother, Tina Doerr, is the uttermost inspiring person in my life. Since when I was little she was…

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  • Stoddart's Speech To My Mother

    When the prospect of delivering a speech with my dear cousin Alexandra Stoddart came up, I knew it should be as studious and mature as she is. Month after month, I poured over the urban dictionary searching for the hip lingo my mother loved so much, year after year I scoured the vast plain known as Facebook for all the stories my mother would kill me if I dare bring them up again. Sarcasm aside (maybe), this speech took decades to complete- and by decades I mean the span of yesterdays lunch.…

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  • Narrative Essay For My Mother

    congregationa and specially for my mother. The poem was called “My Mamie”, my mother I got stage fright and I said that same prhase over at least 5 times then ran off the front. Well I am not going to do that now. Before I get into the juicy part of this memoirs I need to remind you that I loved my mother dearly. I was glad to have a mother like her, she was not perfect. She was no even always there when I needed her but she was great when she was there. My mother loves god and started…

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  • Is My Mother Ever Justified?

    My mum is many things: a teacher, a citizen, a daughter, a sister, a wife and so many other things. But this endless list boils down to one main thing – my mother is a human being; an unbelievable one human being. This is ordinarily where an author boasts on about their mother being the best mother out there as everyone contradicts against this by shouting out on about how admirable and awe-inspiring their mother is. In my opinion, I would like to argue we fight for our mums in the midst of a…

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  • Personal Narrative-My Mother

    My Mother Living with my mother was like living in that ridiculous travel channel show where they eat bizarre food and act like it taste great by resisting the temptation to wrinkle their faces. Seemed to me like there was a certain cell in their brain that was missing, I think it’s called ‘’eat this and you might die’’, cell. My mother is tall and blond with a beautiful smile and her laugh can make anyone happy. She wasn’t always into eating healthy and staying young and…

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