My Mother

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I have arrived in the United States, I’m so happy I get to see my mom again. As I’m going down the stairs of the airport I saw her and came running to hug her. We came to her house which had 3 rooms, I was going to be sleeping at my little sister’s room and my brother and daddy were going to sleep in the extra room they had. I thought I was going to get along with my little sister, but she was to spoiled as my little brother was. Somehow I was jealous, because they had everything I never had. As the days were passing, daddy left and I was crying because he was the only dad I had. A few days later, my mom didn’t like the way I was acting around my younger siblings. She finally talked to me and she told me something I wish I had never heard , she told me “ Maybe you should’ve never come live with us, that way you wouldn’t be …show more content…
She left me crying, I wanted to go back to El Salvador were mommy and daddy were, I missed them so much. A few months passed, my relationship with my mother was getting worst and I didn’t know how to make it better. As our relationship was getting worst every day, I thought that maybe she didn’t love me and that’s when I started cutting myself. Every time I had an argument with her or she would say things a mother should never say to her child, I would cut myself with anything a knife, a razor, or broken pieces of glass. The days came where if I didn’t go back to El Salvador I was going to keep cutting myself, when I became depressed I wanted to kill myself. However my mom never noticed what I was going through, I hide it from everyone in my family, no one knew how much I was suffering. As the years were passing, I became more depressed because I was bullied at school and I keep cutting myself. My relationship with my mom was okay but she still said things to me that made me more depressed, however at this point I was used to

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