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  • NASA Case Study

    Politics There a many current NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Association) missions taking place or being researched. For those who may not know exactly what NASA is, it is a government agency that was started by Congress in 1958. NASA’s main purpose is to explore space and aeronautics, or research about flight. There are four Exploration Missions taking place. One being DLRE (Diviner Lunar Radiometer Experiment), MER (Mars Exploration Rover- Opportunity), Mars Odyssey, and MRO (Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter). There are two International Space Station Missions taking place, ISS-RapidScat and OPALS (Optical Payload for Lasercomm Science). There is one Aeronautic Mission, which is Dawn. There are four Technology Missions, which are DRS (Disturbance Reduction System),…

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  • The Benefits Of NASA

    Throughout the decades, NASA has made a plethora of breakthrough discoveries that not only shaped the way we study outer space, but also changed human beings’ outlook on life. In the recent years, our government has decided to cut funding to NASA and ultimately end the space shuttle program, creating the big debate of whether or not NASA is significant enough to be included in the United States budget. There are two sides to this issue; one side arguing that NASA’s space program benefits the…

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  • The Benefits Of NASA

    past few years the US government has drastically lowered the amount of funding NASA receives, hindering what they are able to do. However, recently privately owned companies such as SpaceX and Boeing have begun to design commercial space ships, and have even had major success and break through with those ships. Space is one of the last places, that we’re able to truly explore and find new things that could possibly help us back here on earth. Given this, NASA should receive a higher amount of…

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  • Should NASA Be Given More Money For NASA?

    Aeronautics and Space Administration, or NASA (Spector). Not only does NASA 's technology contribute to space, it also benefits the lives on Earth, too. Therefore, NASA should be given more money so that they can continue to develop a productive space program. The United States of America should budget more money for NASA because the space program leads to discoveries in space, creation of new products, and stimulation of the economy. The…

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  • The Benefits Of The NASA Program

    adds on to America’s already large debt. While going to space isn’t going to fix Earth 's issues, the NASA program deserves more funding because the program explores other planets for medical…

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  • NASA Case Study

    This stage, named CCDev2, awarded even more money to companies for the continued development of safe, reliable, and cost-effective capabilities. In total, over $274 million dollars was awarded to 4 different companies. The CCDev2 process was a much more in-depth process compared to CCDev1. Each company vying for selection put together a portfolio containing proposals for how they could meet NASAs objectives. Following their submissions, an Agreements Officer reviewed each proposal using a…

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  • Benefits And Drawbacks Of The NASA Program

    Analyzing the Benefits and Drawbacks of the NASA Program On July 16, 1969, NASA launched a spaceflight to the moon called Apollo 11. A couple days later Neil Armstrong would be the first man to step on the moon. It was a big milestone for man’s journey of exploring space as millions watched on the television. But as millions watched on the television, the rise of a new question became to spring up. People began discussing if the NASA program was worth it. They began to talk about the…

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  • The Pros And Cons Of Funding NASA

    Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA). Funding NASA is the smart choice when thinking of the future of America’s society. America must realize that funding NASA is slowly becoming more and more of a necessity. The Earth deteriorating may not be apparent now, but in a few thousand or hundred thousand years’ science tells us that it will an issue. The National Aeronautics and Space Administration will not only guarantee the extension of human life, but they are providing beneficial…

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  • Pros And Cons Of Spending On NASA

    PUTTING THE “FUN” IN FUNDING: SHOULD SPACE EXPLORATION BE A PRIORITY? From a young age, the mysteries of the Sun, the moon, the stars and the black inbetween intrigue people of all ages because it seems so far away, yet is so present in our daily lives. At some point in every child’s life, the thought of becoming a NASA astronaut when he or she grows up is enticing, exhilarating and a possible dream. Since 1958, NASA has been attempting to provide answers to these mysteries and questions in…

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  • The Pros And Cons Of The NASA Program

    the U.S. take away the funding from the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) program when it is Americas life line for research? Bert Chapman writes in his well known journal about: “The Obama Administration is causing budgetary deficits and in that case has brought decades of unsustainable government spending affecting the NASA program, involving NASA to be shut down for a short term. The reasons why this occurred was because congressional appropriators tend to be more concerned…

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