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    APPLICANT ID #: Being raised as a young child by illegal immigrants, my parent stressed the importance of getting an education on a daily. I watched my parents struggled for years until they were able to get on their feet. My mother would work worked multiple low skilled jobs just to food on the table while my father learned the HVAC skills. They would also stress to me that they never want me to struggle has hard they had to in life. Their motto was “Education is the key to success in life”. At a young age, I did not comprehend the wisdom that they were giving me until I got older and witnessed it with my own eyes. To make a difference in the world I must educate and better myself. This motto was the motivation in my family and it has driven two of my aunts’ to become nurses, one cousin who is a doctor and my older sister is currently in medical school. Ever since I was a little girl, I always wanted to help other anyway that I could. I was raised on the principle of “Do to others as you would have them to you”,(Luke 6:31) which made me reevaluate my actions towards other. Growing up I notice that helping others gives you a kind of satisfaction that self-interest can never offer. I love that satisfied feeling of making someone else day. It could be a smile, a simple hello or donating your time and energy to those that are in need. My drive to help other allowed me to find a career where I can do that every day with a smile on my face. My aunts also played a role with…

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  • Personal Study Personal Statement

    Personal Statement I am working towards becoming a university lecturer in photography. In order to do this, I require a great amount of specialist knowledge, but also diverse practical teaching experience. I also think that it is critical for lecturers to have a strong knowledge of international customs and practices in order to bring a global perspective to the classroom. My interest in Japan stems from playing and teaching guitar. At college I became interested in experimental music, and…

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  • Personal Statement Of Personal Reflection

    PERSONAL STATEMENT The night was unusually silent when the phone began to ring. The RN answered the call and came running to me saying that there was a horrific road traffic accident 20 miles away from my hospital and around 30 patients was being shifted to the hospital. I looked at my watch and noticed that it was 2:00AM. The ambulance arrived at the front door of the ER and seriously injured patients were shifted to the emergency room. The number of patients that needed urgent attention was…

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  • Happiness Personal Statement

    encountered that suffer from anxieties became alarming to me . Not to mention, the way many bandage their symptoms by self medicating and excessively drinking. My hopes to one day be in the mental health field grew immensely from there on. I started college in New Jersey, where I was based for a year. I returned to Florida and finished my A.A. at Miami Dade College. Right after, I joined a shelter called Miami Bridge that aid runaway teens. My job there was to shadow a psychologist and help…

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  • Personal Statement On Obesity

    Personal Statement “Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity” (World health organization, 2016). As we learned last two weeks in this class, health promotion and changing the life style to prevent chronic diseases is an important part of a primary care provider’s job. One of the issues contributing to chronic disease and negating the quality of life is obesity. Although “Obesity involves complex interrelationships…

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  • Dyslexia Personal Statement

    Personal Statement She was two and still not talking. Sure, she could put together a two or three-word sentence, but not much more than that and she seemed to be speaking less than her peers. But she was my first child. I didn’t know what to look for or what the age appropriate milestones were. My husband and I spent countless hours with our pediatrician, day care providers, pre-school teachers, speech and language pathologists and psychologists seeking answers. Nothing was concluded. As…

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  • Ohath Personal Statement

    OHIO- HERITAGE COLLEGE OF OSTEOPATHIC MEDICINE (HCOM) Required Personal Statement: "Please upload a Word or PDF document describing why you wish to become an osteopathic physician; why you wish to attend the Ohio University Heritage College of Osteopathic Medicine; and any additional information you feel the selection committee should know about you. Please format your essay as single-spaced with a font-size no less than 10 pt or greater than 12 pt. Please clearly identify at the top right…

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  • Importance Of Personal Statement

    Personal Statement Draft-3(2) An 11 years old kid lying on the ground in a dark room crying, shaking, and trembling with intense pain in both of his ears. The pain was similar to as if someone was hitting with some sharp object inside his ears and every time he would feel the shock of pain, he would pull both of his ears while enduring the pain. The pain would raise every couple of second and with each shock of pain, the kid would lose part of the hope that he had of surviving. He would…

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  • Nursing Personal Statement

    My specific interest in Western University lies in the focus of interprofessional learning. This is a unique and important factor that will tremendously expand my abilities in healthcare. While volunteering and working in healthcare facilities, I have seen how nurses, physicians, nurse practitioners, physical and occupational therapists, and dietitians work together to deliver the best treatment course for the patients. I am excited to find out that Western University provides unparalleled…

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  • Pediatric Personal Statement

    Personal Statement “Children are the key to a nation’s future and its best hope.” said one of my high school teachers. As I look back today and think of these words, it seems a reality. And, yes, a pediatrician truly holds the key to safeguard this “hope” by doing early intervention, prevention and treatment of pediatric diseases. My association with pediatrics is from my childhood days. I would often interrupt my mother during her labor room calls and would often ask my father various…

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