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  • Recommendations For Dietary Guidelines

    National dietary guidelines have been promulgated by various government agencies since the late 1800’s. The mandate followed and goals addressed in both the development and revision of recommendations have varied as a function of government protocol and the current state of population health. The original intention of the guidelines was to prevent dietary deficiency1,2; however, the focus of the recommendations has shifted towards disease reduction in response to developed westernized societies adopting increasingly sedentary lifestyles and high calorie diets. While nutrition-related disease is a global issue, the substantial increase in the prevalence of obesity and diabetes has become an issue most notably in North America, despite measures…

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  • Recommendations Of Leadership In Nursing

    report on the future of nursing is reviewed, along with the recommendations to achieve this goal. Evaluation of the importance of leadership in relation to nursing and the healthcare profession, patient outcomes, and patient satisfaction, evidenced by different research. Keywords: Leadership, Nursing, IOM Introduction In 2008, the Robert Woods Johnson foundation (RWJF) and the Institute of Medicine (IOM) joined forces to assess the changes needed to…

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  • Concierge Service Recommendation

    As the office administrator for Dr. Green and Dr. Jones physician 's office you gave me the job assignment of preparing a recommendation for a concierge service or expanding the physician’s office. First let me explain what a concierge service is and how the new service can expand the financial capabilities of our office or not. Second we will talk about expanding the existing practice with some mid-level medical personal such as nurse practitioners or physician assistants. When looking at…

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  • Animal Enrichment Recommendations

    Enrichment Recommendations Enrichment 1: In this scenario, the captive lions exhibit stereotypic pacing behaviors around feeding times. To address the welfare concern of pacing in these captive lions, I would recommend a change in the way food is presented. Felids engage in appetitive behaviors to obtain their food (Shepherdson et al, 1993), and these behaviors include locating, capturing, killing and consuming their prey (Lindburg, 1988). Varying the method and timing of food delivery by either…

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  • Errors In Client Recommendation And Suggestions

    MEMORANDUM Writing project 1:Hypothetical 1 TO: Charles Croft FROM: Iceman (Tianjue Tao) DATE: 10/19/2017 SUBJECT: Errors in Client Recommendation and Suggestions I discovered some statistical errors when I dou¬¬¬ble-checked the research for the client proposal. If these errors would change our findings and recommendations to the client, we should amend the mistakes immediately. Otherwise, our client may not only suffer substantial losses, but our firm may even lose business. Under these…

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  • Recommendations For Healthy Development

    Recommendations for Healthy Development There are many ways to help raise your child to be healthy and develop well. However just as it is neither nature nor nurture that determines who we are, but a mix of both, there are strategies that require you as parents to be both strict, but responsive, as well as other ways to produce a happy and healthy child. When in the womb, the fetus is completely reliant on its mother. All throughout the pregnancy, what the mother eats, drinks, and breathes goes…

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  • Recommendation: The SWOT Analysis Of CHHB?

    Recommendation Based on the SWOT Analysis of CHHB, we found that there are areas that need to be improved by the company in order to improve their company overall performance. First and foremost, CHHB is one of the most outstanding companies in property industry and other industries as well. The company has involved and more experiences in property industry for more than 30 years. They are one of the nation’s pioneering property developers that deliver unique, innovative and quality products.…

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  • Recommendations For Trust Bank Limited

    Recommendations Based on the above findings and analysis we can see that Trust bank Limited is a growing bank. The growth of Trust bank, dhanmondi branch has increased. All the customers of Trust Bank like their products and services. Though Trust bank is basically based on Army wellbeing and they take special care for Military clients, they are also trying to establish their position in civil consumers mind. But from my perspective they need to modify some of their strategies to attract more…

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  • School Improvement Activities And Recommendations

    School Improvement Activities and Recommendations The specialist degree courses have been instrumental in providing assignments relative to decision making, curriculum planning, and instructional development. Throughout this process I have been provided with the various components associated with school leadership, which have proved important in exhibiting effective leadership skills. This program was an eye-opener, due to the fact that I have not been in school for many years. The…

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  • Case Study Recommendations For Walmart

    Recommendations Recommendation Plan #1: Mentoring and Succession Planning for Minorities and Women Solution: In order for Wal-Mart to improve the lack of minority and women representation in its senior level positions, the company should set up a mentoring program as well as succession plans. Through mentoring, employees identify themselves as a vital part of the organization while creating a heightened level of ownership. A mentoring program will assist in building a pipeline of diverse…

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