The Importance Of Space

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As astronauts and researchers push beyond their previous limits, they encounter greater perils and expenditures; the mounting challenges are a major concern for future endeavors into space. Keeping proper maintenance and performing repairs becomes more arduous as people advance further in space (Spotts). Unexpected hindrances can often threaten the life of the humans who are stranded out of reach of assistance. Deducing solutions to impediments located light years away becomes nearly impossible at times; countries will often have to choose between to abandoning their mission or spending even more money. In 2012, President Barack Obama’s budget request for NASA amounted to $18.7 billion (Bolden). NASA is depleting the country of billions of …show more content…
The curiosity and thought process involved in the discoveries made in space force people to explore concepts that better their way of thinking. The space program allows people to explore themselves with the reality that they are merely a tiny speck in an immense space, and they discover what is beyond seemingly impossible limits to feel more alive (Deutsch 72). Outside of the Earth’s atmosphere, there is no end to what can be discovered; as far as humans know, space extends in infinite bounds. The psychological impact of exploring with such openness revolutionizes the mind to think of greater possibilities that allow people to accomplish exceeding destinations. “There have always been interesting collaborations between the sciences and the arts when it comes to space exploration… Human curiosity is the bond that unites art and science,” stated Bran Ferren the former Disney Imagineering Chief who served on the government advisory boards for science and technology (Lidz). It is essential for people to continue to explore into the interests of their minds because there is much more for people to uncover, and they cannot comply with simply maintaining the cognition they already have. In fact, human curiosity itself entices people to make new discoveries and innovation; by furthering the understanding people have of the world, they can improve the quality of life on

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