Privatization Of Space Exploration Essay

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The modern times has seen even more NASA budget cuts and a rise in private contractors looking to space. The budget cuts may even be costing the US more than its saving them. A writer from the washington post says “Since the shuttle 's retirement, the United States has been forced to rely on Russia to take its astronauts to the station, an expensive and troubling arrangement that now costs $76 million per seat” (Davenport). There are multiple astronauts on the space station with multiple launches a year, the price of using rockets could severely add up. Most recently in the bid for cheaper space travel are the contracting of private corporations. An article by the name "The Privatization of Space Exploration”. brings up the private sector, …show more content…
The US Government has done great things in the past with space travel, but recently with their decision making they have created a huge block for the advancement into space. One space mission may launch in 2017 after being pushed back from a 2015 launch may see even more delays as congress cuts more and more money from NASA (Davenport). Today’s time has seen the degradation of the NASA space program, and many devoted advocates in the private sector are trying tirelessly to bring it back to prominence, but they are going to need help.

From cheaper launch techniques and private companies, to just plain giving NASA more funds, there are many ways that people are trying to find a solution to the endangerment of manned space travel. There are countless groups all striving to find better ways to space. One such group would be the National Space Society. In the society 's space settlement tab they speak about the many possibilities in space travel and colonization. With the society their solution is motivation. They state that we are in
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Most naysayers of manned space travel focus heavily on the danger to the astronauts and the massive amount of resources that are supposebly wasted in space. Some argue against government funded space programs while others argue against space travel in general, but all say they have good reason. Space travel is expensive, many people say that we could use this money to fix many of the world 's problems such as hunger and poverty. This is a very good rebuttal to space exploration as the problems with poverty are very important. Yet the amount of money that could potentially be made with space technology such as asteroid mining would help these problems far more than just redirecting current funds out of space. Asteroid mining would help the problem as first this would require workers providing more jobs, and even the smallest of asteroids can provide millions of dollars which would funnel into the common people.. There are also arguments about the dangers of space travel. Both NASA and private companies have seen their rockets fail with loss of life, and many people turn to this to discount space travel. for example one article talks about how we should start to question the use of private contractors when their rockets have failed "Accidents Highlight Limits of Human Space Travel.". It is generally agreed that

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