Space Exploration Dbq Essay

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Jobs give us the money we need to support our families. Pay bills. Keep your house. Pay taxes. Space explorations have been also a big part of our society. For instance, we were the first to send a man to the moon. We have found things that haven't been explored yet. The jobs and space explorations have changed us. There's three documents I want to show you. Some of them convey the same claim. Take a look as to why this is so.

Document 2 contributes to the claim as to why space exploration is bad for the US economy. According to the document, it states, “ It's about $10,000 to put a pound of anything into a near-earth orbit. It costs $500 to $700 million every time the shuttle flies.” The money they are using to do this is tax funds, which are paid by the citizens. Money gives us the ability to support our families, ourselves, and the world around them. The money we get si to pay taxes as well. They use it to give themselves something to be proud of, which is using our taxes.Also, another document talks about how bad space exploration is to the economy. Document 1 talks about the economy’s problems with poverty. According to the Document 1, it states, “ The census tells us that 20.5 million people earn incomes that are below the poverty line, less than about $9,500 for a family of three, up eight million from 2000.” This tells us that the poverty level has become too low, thanks to space
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They talk about how they make the world and this country a better place. According to document 3, it states, “ NASA designed plan wings that saves the airline industry billions of dollars. In 2011, NASA invested over $108 million dollars in the state of Louisiana.” This shows that NASA does their best to make the community and the world a better place by saving citizens and businesses money to help them take care of the community. They claim that space exploration does not make a bad

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