Organizational Change Essay

  • Organizational Change And Resistance To Change

    the ever-changing business landscape, organizational change is inevitable. Organizations must know how to effectively face and implement change in order to stay competitive. My organization has recently undergone a corporate restructuring, which included territory realignments, department consolidation, as well as downsizing. I have witnessed both the need for the change and downside of change on employees. Problem Statement The issue being addressed concerns an organization’s ability to deal with organizational change. As will be discussed in greater detail herein, approaches to managing organizational change and resistance to change are two concepts that are associated with dealing with change within an organization. Effectively…

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  • Resistance In Organizational Change

    Change is a permanent presence in any organization. Continual organizational change is vital to business as it works to grow market share, adapt to new technology and work to gain a sustainable competitive advantage over competitors. Yet, this simple word causes apprehension, tension or even fear when imposed on employees. While it may be in the best interest of the organization to implement a change, employees might resist the change for many reasons. For instance, due to self-interest or the…

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  • The Importance Of Organizational Change And Change Management

    potential opportunities and my recommendations, I would like to present some background information pertaining to organizational change and change management techniques. For decades, theorists have explored and expanded different schools of thoughts regarding the cause and effect of organizational change. As well as information discussing how certain change management techniques can help eliminate organizational resistance that occur during these changes. When an organizational change…

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  • The Stages Of Organizational Change

    ‘Organizational change is about reviewing and modifying management structures and business processes.’ (Basu, 2015) In short organisational change is how an organisation adapts to stay up to date with not only their competitors but with economic climate and external influences. It needs to be controlled and organised as without change an organisation may fail but also with change comes risk. It can be difficult to achieve successful change as not all organisations manage to complete the…

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  • The Importance Of Organizational Change

    Primarily, when it comes to motivating change, it is done through creating keenness for change, and overcoming the powerful opposition to change. This activity helps an organization make its members more aware and become convinced of the change process that is taking place within. The activity also helps by measuring the member’s alertness, or readiness, for change and then conquering resistance to change through effectively providing the members with empathy and mutual aid. It is a proven…

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  • The Importance Of Organizational Change

    LITERATURE REVIEW Survival and success of organisation depend on adaptability, invention and flexibility, demanding continuous organisational changes. (Nesterkin, 2013: 574) The process of changes carried out in several ways including how the change is planned, launched or implemented and outcome expectation. The aims of this is either to familiarise with environment or increase the performance by improving productivity. The success of change lays on how organisation manage the change at all…

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  • Organizational Change In Southwest Airlines

    organizations announce upcoming changes to their employees they are seldom are excited about it? You do not see them jovially discussing what going to happen next, and/or how these changes are going to make their organization better. No, none of this is happening. This is because most of them are worried and wondering how these changes will affect them, and what their roles are going to be. This mindset makes organizational change so difficult. Society in general just does not like changes,…

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  • Organizational Change Model Essay

    Models of Organizational Change The changes help modify the different aspects of life and ease the achievement of success (Bukovec, n.d.). There are many useful organizational change models. These models help understand the change that occurs at a macro-level, explaining the reasons, actual change and how it occurred (Agricultural Leadership and Development [ALED], n.d.). The two models selected for the comparison are the holistic and managers’ mental models of the organizational change. The…

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  • The Importance Of Organizational Change In Business

    A business as any activity involving making profits, there are several changes that might occur in the way the business is carried out. However, as an employer and manager of a particular business, there comes a time when maybe there should be changes in methods of production or distribution. Changes might also occur through introduction of machines for some tasks. As such, organizational change can be defined as the process in which an organization changes its structure, operational methods,…

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  • Kotter's Article: Leading Organizational Change

    course, MQM383- Leading Organizational Change, there were numerous activities and reading that a made profound impact on me as a student. These activities and readings directly aligned with the learning objectives in the syllabus and allowed me to further develop as a student and business professional. Although all the activities and readings were beneficial, there were two experiences which made the deepest impression on me. The reading which made the largest impact on me was John Kotter’s…

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