Wendys Swot Analysis

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Register to read the introduction… Wendy’s have grown since then to become one of the World’s International known fast food restaurants. As of 2011 Wendy’s became a publicly traded company. Wendy’s have found a way to bring good healthier variety of food to the fast food industry. Wendy’s current revenue of 2,061.1, million, and employing well over, 45,000 people worldwide. Wendy’s have more than 6,515 locations worldwide. Wendy’s is known for its traditional brand by serving quality food and service, great taste, and by focusing on the freshness of quality beef and not frozen meat. In 1992 Tim Horton and Dave Thomas opened a chain store together merging the two coffee and donuts, with hamburger and fries was a different area of business to explore. The idea was a huge positive venture which led to the merger with TDL Group. Wendy’s also purchased Baja fresh for $275 million in 2002. Wendy’s is one of the leading fast food restaurants in the world. Wendy’s holds this position, due to growth and expanding future endeavors. Wendy’s have been able to captive the market shares from historically invincible rivals through better services and higher quality products.

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These two competitors are far more stable than Wendy’s, due to the fact that McDonald’s CPM has a rating of 3.65, and Burger King CPM has a rating of 3.27 McDonald’s rating are far better than Wendy’s CPM ratings of 3.18. In my opinion McDonald seems to be the best company ratings for the CPM matrix, however this is only my opinion.
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Competitive position, opportunities, and possible threats
Wendy’s is still a strong competitor in the fast food industry. Wendy’s partnership with Arby’s and Tim Horton has been a beneficial venture. Wendy’s brand recognition is their biggest asset along with customer base loyalty. From another standpoint I believe that Wendy’s can benefit from offering a new product line. The new product should be healthy and offered at a reasonable price to the consumer.
Internal Assessment
Internal Factor Evaluation
Wendy’s weighted score is 2.58 which shows that the company’s position is strong. The industry average score is 2.5. Wendy’s need to improve upon their weakness in order to correct this issue. I believe that Wendy’s need to do better because very little room exist between the two

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