Riordan Inventory And Manufacturing Process Improvement Business Requirements

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Register to read the introduction… Devices will be cradled on their respective charges when not in use.
3. Devices will be under precision measurement, calibration and testing every 6 months.

Riordan’s current manufacturing process

As you can see from the above illustration, Riordan Manufacturing current process for the receiving of raw materials is a manual system, which could cause inaccurate information due to human error. With the slow process of each station information could take days before entering the system for others to see.

Raw Material is inventoried when it is being used for final products and handed to the clerk; the clerk enters the forms into the database. Final products are done the same way. The Flow process allows a lot of room for human error, missing forms, labor costs and unnecessary loss of man hours transferring data.

Orders come in and are shipped in a timely manner. All shipping documents are handed to the clerk for entry into the system, which could take hours to update due to forms or slow shipping docks. Customers who call about orders may be told orders have not shipped when shipment has already taken place.

Riordan’s Proposed New Raw Material
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• Each department in each facility will be trained on the specific equipment that they will be using, such as the main computer or a hand help device.

• Each facility will have a team of IT professionals to implement the programs and to install any equipment needed.
• The implementation will be installed outside of business hours. This will allow the facilities to continue with their daily work.
• All patches and upgrades will be implemented on after business hours to ensure optimal working capability.

Sir, the system is in need of these upgrades. Riordan is moving forward into the future of technology and so should the way it does business. These systems will make Riordan a company well-prepared for the rigors of new competition, and help them take on more companies in which to support. With these upgrades and new systems, Riordan’s everyday business will improve, which ultimately means a better Riordan. Thank you for your time and consideration for these upgrades, and we will stand by ready to do what is needed to be done for the betterment of Riordan Manufacturing.


Team D

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