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  • Essay On Graffiti Is Vandalism

    considered art or vandalism? The origins of graffiti go back to the beginnings of human. Graffiti is the plural form of the Italian word graffito according to (Oxford Advanced English Learner) definition. Graffiti signifies drawings, markings, patterns, scribbles, or messages that are painted, written, or carved on a wall or surface. Graffito also signifies "to scratch" in reference to different wall writings ranging from "cave paintings", bathroom scribbles, or any message that is scratched on walls. Graffiti is controversial some like it, and some people do not. Although some people said graffiti is art, a form of self-expression, and as art of writing is a creative method of communication. Others see graffiti is vandalism because it destroys property such as residential property, it causes the people to pay taxes for repairs such as covering up unwanted graffiti, and it encourages others to tag their “gang” name for ownership causing rivalry or possibly violence between communities and the boundaries between the communities. Graffiti is vandalism because it is ruthless destruction. Vandalism is the spoiling of anything beautiful…

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  • Graffiti: Art Or Vandalism?

    Art or Vandalism The word “graffiti” comes from the Latin word “graphium”, which means “to write”. The phrase “graffiti” originally was used by an archeologist to describe drawings and writings found on ancient buildings and monuments in Pompeii, Egypt and in the Roman catacombs. Graffiti is an art form because it’s a way for people to express how they are, graffiti is a style like no other, and it inspires people all over the world to be unique. Graffiti is a way to express yourself in…

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  • Graffiti Vandalism Essay

    Graffiti, a well-known act of vandalism. Many people have an understanding that graffiti is a "gang mark" or some disgraceful paint on your local shop wall. The following essay will show that graffiti can be art instead of crime. Every year many unjustified cases are filed against so called “criminals” who are simply expressing themselves, here is an example. In 2008, a group of south Londoners where arrested for vandalism which led to a 2-year sentence. Mean whilst the group began their jail…

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  • What Is Graffiti Art Or Vandalism?

    Graffiti has and always will be at the center of controversy. Key questions about ownership, vandalism, and legality of the work remain unanswered due to their convoluted twists and turns that generally leave people speechless in regards to formulating a thoughtful and educated answer. Analyzing the origin of modern day graffiti helps to provide a justification for such confusion. Graffiti is rooted in the unsanctioned use of public space; it was meant to “break boundaries and def[y] the law”…

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  • Graffiti Art Or Vandalism Essay

    about talented graffiti artists. For this reason, graffiti is definitely a type of art. So, graffiti ought to be agreed as a kind of art rather than vandalism on account of two crucial factors: graffiti is an artistic expression, and concurrently it has an aesthetic value. Some opponents claim that graffiti ought to be perceived as a kind of crime because people who create graffiti,…

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  • Graffiti Is Street Art Not Vandalism

    Graffiti is Art Why does everyone hate graffiti? The city of Seattle is making a position statement on whether graffiti is art or vandalism. The mayor has invited the public to join in the debate before they make the statement. My opinion is that Graffiti is street art not vandalism because it takes a lot of skill, it's colorful and uplifting and it can lead to other careers and job opportunities for young people. However people who disagree with me would say graffiti is vandalism, because it…

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  • The Role Of Graffiti In Literature

    This form of art is viewed in a positive light because it is aesthetically pleasing and it has the ability to be understood by its audience. However, the existence of graffiti that is used to communicate among members of the graffiti community overpopulates street art and causes society to view graffiti as a whole as negative. These forms of graffiti are illegible by the general public and are viewed as threats because the message behind them is uncertain and they may send negative messages. In…

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  • Graffiti Is Art Essay

    An example of this is,” Anyone can paint on the council-owned wall any time they like. Mike Crilley, the graffiti wall project organizer, promotes the positive side of graffiti and runs workshops for local children.” (Graffiti: Art or Vandalism). There is a wall meant for people to walk by and embrace the art, or even make some of their own, without breaking a law and just to make the city prettier. They are even teaching kids about it, just like how kids take art classes in school to learn…

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  • Banksy Research Paper

    A key component of Banksy’s works creating controversy, is his use of copyrighted subjects and appropriations of well known images. This use of famous imagery can be seen in water lilies, painted by Monet but adapted by Banksy to included visible pieces of rubbish and waste in the water. Banksy is now a household name known worldwide, this has completely transformed his small acts of vandalism into expensive and collectable artworks. To this day Banksy’s identity remains unknown, refusing to be…

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  • Essay On Graffiti

    When you hear the word graffiti most people think of gangs, vandalism, and other illegal actions. For some artist it’s not all about that. Graffiti also known as street art is a way for a person to express themselves and to show ones personality or feelings toward something or someone, but can graffiti be considered art? Does it get considered art? No it doesn’t and Yes, Art is defined as the expression or application of human creative skills and imagination. Have you ever been out riding,…

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