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  • Graffiti: Art Or Vandalism?

    Art or Vandalism The word “graffiti” comes from the Latin word “graphium”, which means “to write”. The phrase “graffiti” originally was used by an archeologist to describe drawings and writings found on ancient buildings and monuments in Pompeii, Egypt and in the Roman catacombs. Graffiti is an art form because it’s a way for people to express how they are, graffiti is a style like no other, and it inspires people all over the world to be unique. Graffiti is a way to express yourself in any way you choose. The definition of art is expression, appealing, beautiful, and ordinary significance. Graffiti can be all of those things, when people are trying not to be annoying. People use graffiti to show there feeling without saying it. It’s…

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  • Graffiti Vandalism Essay

    Graffiti, a well-known act of vandalism. Many people have an understanding that graffiti is a "gang mark" or some disgraceful paint on your local shop wall. The following essay will show that graffiti can be art instead of crime. Every year many unjustified cases are filed against so called “criminals” who are simply expressing themselves, here is an example. In 2008, a group of south Londoners where arrested for vandalism which led to a 2-year sentence. Mean whilst the group began their jail…

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  • Graffiti Art Or Vandalism Essay

    about talented graffiti artists. For this reason, graffiti is definitely a type of art. So, graffiti ought to be agreed as a kind of art rather than vandalism on account of two crucial factors: graffiti is an artistic expression, and concurrently it has an aesthetic value. Some opponents claim that graffiti ought to be perceived as a kind of crime because people who create graffiti,…

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  • Negative Effects Of Graffiti

    This form of art is viewed in a positive light because it is aesthetically pleasing and it has the ability to be understood by its audience. However, the existence of graffiti that is used to communicate among members of the graffiti community overpopulates street art and causes society to view graffiti as a whole as negative. These forms of graffiti are illegible by the general public and are viewed as threats because the message behind them is uncertain and they may send negative messages. In…

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  • Graffiti Is Art Essay

    An example of this is,” Anyone can paint on the council-owned wall any time they like. Mike Crilley, the graffiti wall project organizer, promotes the positive side of graffiti and runs workshops for local children.” (Graffiti: Art or Vandalism). There is a wall meant for people to walk by and embrace the art, or even make some of their own, without breaking a law and just to make the city prettier. They are even teaching kids about it, just like how kids take art classes in school to learn…

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  • Negative Essay On Graffiti

    Graffiti has and always will be at the center of controversy. Key questions about ownership, vandalism, and legality of the work remain unanswered due to their convoluted twists and turns that generally leave people speechless in regards to formulating a thoughtful and educated answer. Analyzing the origin of modern day graffiti helps to provide a justification for such confusion. Graffiti is rooted in the unsanctioned use of public space; it was meant to “break boundaries and def[y] the law”…

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  • Graffiti And Crime Culture

    Graffiti, itself, is typically considered a crime, or more specifically vandalism, on the basis of the writers and artists usually putting their pieces on both public and private property without permission, which is considered illegal. Various styles of graffiti, for instance gang graffiti and certain types of tagging for example, are executed with malicious intentions and spread hateful messages. These types of graffiti are primarily done to mark and claim gang territories, cause chaos and…

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  • Banksy Art Analysis

    Banksy was known as king of graffiti, british artist, painter and as well as a filmmaker with a unknown identity (“The Story Behind Banksy”). The names Robin Gunningham and Robert Banks are often used unknowingly to give an identity to Banksy (“Banksy Biography”). The true identity still to this day is uncertain. Banksy began his career in the early 90’s with a graffiti crew in Bristol called DryBreadZ (“Banksy Biography”). Banksy’s work was considered vandalism by law and critics but, it is…

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  • Graffiti Vs Street Art Essay

    people, cars, and all of the other obvious answers. If you look closely, there is art everywhere you look, although to most people, “art” wouldn’t be the correct term to describe what they are seeing. What people see is graffiti and street art, and while most of our society would label it as vandalism and destructive. Being a graffiti artist myself, I believe that graffiti and street art as a whole gets an undeservingly bad reputation. This is because throughout our history there has been a…

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  • Arguments Against Graffiti

    He is one of many business owners who allow graffiti artists to spray paint the outside walls of his stores with permission, which he believe helps decrease the amount of vandalism to city buildings and property in the area. “I like the idea of letting graffiti artists display their talents. It prevents them from vandalizing my business because they have nowhere else to go, and it prevents me from having to pay to clean unnecessary graffiti tags. It’s a mutual respect the artist and I have.”…

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