Vandalism Essay

  • Graffiti Vandalism

    yourself stopped at a crosswalk waiting for cars to pass by. As you are waiting, your friend points to a beautiful illustration depicting a meaningful message that was spray painted onto the side of an occupied building. Your friend continues to say how the graffiti on this building is a crime and the artist should not have gotten away with this vandalism. You personally disagree with her opinion and put the graffiti illustration into a different perspective by suggesting that if this particular illustration was taken off of this building and put into a museum is it art now? When your friend states that if the illustration was in a museum instead of on a building it would be art you then ask why. This question of why graffiti can be considered either an expression of art or a crime is very difficult to answer. Art in general means much more to some people than others which will only lead to conflicting opinions when this question is asked. To this day it is still commonly asked if graffiti is simply one of the many forms of public art or a crime that certain artists are capable of getting away with. Not only do people label graffiti as vandalism or art, it can be a form of expression, a battle against politics and people who hold power, a rebellious act done simply for thrill, or even an individual’s career. All of these possible ways to categorize graffiti contribute to the idea that people do not want to see graffiti because it serves no purpose other than a creation of…

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  • Vandalism In Street Art

    A message for everyone to see. A message that would normally not be socially acceptable, but is it vandalism? Graffiti stands out from other forms of artwork, not only in it’s style, but also in it’s public message as well as it’s agenda. Street art breaks the rules. It broadcasts information that people would be afraid to say or would possibly make someone uncomfortable. But is this a good thing? Is it now tolerated? Graffiti has existed dating back to ancient times of 18,000 B.C. However,…

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  • Religion Vandalism In Venezuela

    president. He decided to expel an American missionary group, the New Tribes Mission, because he was worried they posed as a threat for an imperialist invasion. The perceptual catholic religion spread by hierarchical diffusion for the roman empire which is very close to Venezuela. Furthermore, there has been other conflict though due to religion, in addition in 2011, the country was placed on the U.S. Commission on International Religious Freedom’s watch list for the third time. Venezuela is…

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  • Vandalism And Graffiti Art

    a felony is vandalism, destruction of property. One way to commit vandalism is by doing graffiti. Is all graffiti an act of vandalism though? A certain type of graffiti in a certain area could easily be allowed. “Graffiti art”. Graffiti art is not just plain old spray paint markings or gang related tagging. Graffiti art is an impressive skill or gift that have the ability to send messages to the public. There are many aspects of graffiti that allows itself to be seen as art. Why should the law…

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  • Graffiti Art Vandalism Analysis

    Martinez, José. “Know Your Graffiti: Art, Vandalism or Gang Device?” Home, 12 Mar. 2012, 12:11pm, Jose Martinez goes over how you can tell the difference between art work and gang tagging. He interviewed an LA police officer and a gang member on how exactly they represent gangs and their territory. Jose also says how gangs tag where people can read it and understand it. Jose mentions how gang tagging "is legible…

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  • The Art Of Vandalism In Subway Art

    Henry Chelfant, one of the authors of the book Subway Art, notes that style concept is very specific (Chelfant 29). First of all, it is determined by letters form and how they are connected. According on site “Graffiti: art through vandalism”, there are several different styles of graffiti that are popular today. Pieces is the most common style at the moment. “Pieces are the most elaborate graffiti works, with a more artistic composition. Considered to be an artist 's best work, these are…

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  • Case Study Of Vandalism

    a restraining order against REYES for kidnapping, vandalism, Domestic Violence and other cases. REYES has not been taken into custody. Case open pending further leads. INVESTIGATION: On Sunday, 10/22/2017, at approximately 1345 hours, Officer Chittenden and I responded to 25 Poncetta Dr. Apt. 234 in Daly City, CA on the report of a vandalism. I contacted a female later identified as Diana Vargas who stated her vehicle had been vandalized. Upon arrival, I observed Vargas' vehicle, Ford…

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  • Vandalism In Patrick Suskind's 'Grenouille'

    Inside a busy city there lays a large portrait, housed within a museum of modern art. To the untrained eye, there is nothing particularly extraordinary about it, but experts claim it is worth millions. All the while, in the outskirts of the city, a gorgeous, sprawling mural covers the side of an abandoned building, catching the attention of everyone who catches sight of it, yet it is labeled as vandalism, as mere graffiti. What is the role of art in our modern society, and what is the true…

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  • Graffiti: Art And Vandalism

    Art is an expression of human creativity and imagination, but sometimes society doesn’t accept this definition and rejects it all together. A truly relevant category of this topic is graffiti art. Graffiti art is more than often considered vandalism opposed to something pretty to look at. In a lot of cases it is illegal to do and is punishable by law if caught. Looking at what the principle of art is, should this be considered a crime and an obstruction to a city? Graffiti should be…

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  • The Importance Of Vandalism In Public School

    “Really?” A recruit named Mark asked. “You’re open all the time, all night?” “That’s right. Students and faculty are welcome at the school anytime they feel the need or desire to be there,” Tabitha said. “Aren’t you worried about vandalism or theft?” Mark asked. “How many of you are planning to go home tomorrow and spray paint the walls of your home, or throw rocks through your windows?” Tabitha asked. “And how many of you are going to stick gum under your living room table, or stuff a roll of…

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