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  • My Stepmother's Family: My Family

    “Family is everything.” I am not sure that I’ve ever heard any of my relatives utter this phrase, but I know that is a sentiment shared by all of them. To call my family “big” would be an understatement. My mother was the seventh of the twelve children born to my grandparents Hugh and Roberta. She married my father in the 80’s and they had ten children, I am the third oldest. On my mother’s side there are more than sixty grandchildren. My dad is fourth of six children born too my grandparents Bruce and Helen. From those children were born more than twenty grandchildren. Ten years ago, my mother passed away and my father remarried four years ago. My stepmother’s family is a story in and of itself. My family is spread out around the country, from California to Florida. Much like the great country we live in, my family is a great melting pot of cultures. We do not focus as much on our countries of origin as we do on being together and supporting one another. Though my family is not geographically close, the bond we share is greater than the distance. My paternal relatives gather every year close to Christmas for a party. We spend the entire day talking, eating, and drinking. In the evening we have our gift exchange. The children, infants to age eight-teen, exchange amongst themselves. After the age of eighteen, you are allowed to participate in the adult gift exchange game. The adult gift exchange game requires that adults bring a gag gift. We have the gag gift pot; you either…

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  • My Family And Family Groups In A Family

    Family Groups Oddly enough my own side of the extended family, I would consider to be both a secondary group and my out-group. First of all, the vast majority of them have passed away. My mother and father are gone, as well as my beloved grandfather, and the only cousins in my family that I ever wished to associate with. Secondly, the remaining family members are volatile and have a negative impact on my life and my children’s lives, hence why I choose to keep them as far away as possible. They…

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  • Family Interview In My Family

    Family Background When I asked Monica who all was in her family, she gave me a list. Both of Monica’s parents are not living as of today but both were influential in her life. Her dad just passed away this summer in August and her mother passed away when she was four years old. She has a sister that is three years older and a brother that is four years younger than her. When it comes to the extended family, she has 13 aunts and uncles and has 100 plus cousins. One last member that she mentioned…

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  • Family: My Family Is The Norm Of Family

    We are Family You 're sitting down on a couch with your boyfriend and it’s time to eat dinner at his house. His brother is in his room playing video games and the both of you are sitting down watching t.v while dinner is being made by your boyfriend 's father. Where 's mom? She 's working a twelve-hour graveyard shift at the hospital. You have offered to help with preparing dinner but you are not allowed to help, you 're the guest of the house. This is the norm of the family to have visitors…

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  • My Family: The Definition Of Family

    To some people the definition of family is very standard: a mother, a father, and a few children. My family was far different than that, with the clashing of three different families into one. We never saw each other as half or step, we only saw each other as family. Family isn’t made from entirely blood and nothing else. Family is loving one another regardless of the mistakes, conflicts, or anything in between. Our family fit the definition of all of this and then some. Even though our…

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  • My Family And Family Relationships

    I grew up in a family that I guess you could call somewhat religious. We attended church most of the time, and my parents just like my aunts and uncles sent all of their kids to CCD classes where we learned about the bible. When it comes to family relationships, my family has gone through a lot. When I say my family I do not mean my parents what so ever, I mostly mean my siblings and my aunts and uncles. This made it really hard for me growing up to see my loved ones go through so much pain with…

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  • Family Of My Family

    My immediate family is made up of my father Edward, my mother Melaine, and my brother Antorius. I also live with my grandparents William and Mary. I also live very close to most of my family members on my mother’s side. My great-grandfather split his farmland among his eight children. They each got two acres to build a house on for their family. Most of the children still live on the farmland, so I see most of my family members on a daily basis. Everyone in my family is very family-oriented.…

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  • My Family And The Family

    When talking about family you could be talking about a family of humans or animals but I will be talking about the Crowder family. In most cases family is connected through blood and nearly through adaption. Every state has a family cap which is “a policy limiting the benefits made available to a family by the state." For example it prevents a family in receipt of welfare assistance from receiving additional assistance because of the birth of another child. The word family came from the “middle…

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  • My Family As A Family

    Family, the smallest unit of society, a unit whom at times we may take for granted. A group of people who against all odds protect, love, and care for one another. Merriam-Webster defines family as, “ A group of people who share a common ancestry and reside under the same roof.” The problem with this definition is that it is missing the underlying symbolism of what it truly means to be a family. It is missing the fact that family is not only those who share the same Deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA),…

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  • Family Differences In My Family

    Specifically, leisure time in Jessica’s family is often spent outdoors, usually at Jessica’s mother’s house. She says that her mother's house has a great area for “wheeled activities,” which all her girls enjoy. Moreover, her oldest enjoys playing the ukulele, guitar, and saxophone in her high school band, takes voice lessons, and enjoys theatre. While one of her younger girls is an athlete, the other one enjoys dance. As a family, they all enjoy traveling, specifically trips to the coast.…

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