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  • Family Of My Family

    My immediate family is made up of my father Edward, my mother Melaine, and my brother Antorius. I also live with my grandparents William and Mary. I also live very close to most of my family members on my mother’s side. My great-grandfather split his farmland among his eight children. They each got two acres to build a house on for their family. Most of the children still live on the farmland, so I see most of my family members on a daily basis. Everyone in my family is very family-oriented. Because my brother is nine years younger than me, I was always there to help in caring for him. Both of my parents work long hours, so I was responsible for helping my brother with his homework when we got home from school. Also, when I was old enough…

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  • My Stepmother's Family: My Family

    “Family is everything.” I am not sure that I’ve ever heard any of my relatives utter this phrase, but I know that is a sentiment shared by all of them. To call my family “big” would be an understatement. My mother was the seventh of the twelve children born to my grandparents Hugh and Roberta. She married my father in the 80’s and they had ten children, I am the third oldest. On my mother’s side there are more than sixty grandchildren. My dad is fourth of six children born too my grandparents…

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  • Family Dynamics In My Family

    Family Dynamics When I was nine years old my brother died, he was eighteen. I will never forget the day it happened and I will never forget how it changed my family. It changed my family in both bad and good ways. After someone dies it’s hard to see anything but the bad ways that it has affected your life but sometimes you start to notice things that have changed for the better that came from it. After my brother died my parents became much more overprotective of me, my brother and my sister.…

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  • My Family: The Life Of My Father's Family

    I never had the opportunity to get to know my father’s parents. So my family would have to start with my great-grandparents. My great grandmother, Lucille was born just down the road in Suches, Georgia where I grew up. Her mother was Cherokee Indian and her father was part Irish. They owned a big part of land and were farmers. Lucille was born on a snowy night in nineteen-twenty inside their barn. When she was in her late teens she met a military man. In the beginning of World War II, they got…

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  • My Family: My Unique Meaning Of Family

    Family has a unique meaning no matter what culture it possibly can be. I never had a chance to meet my extended family from my mother’s side because her parents passed away before I was born and she was the only child in her household. I grew up with only spending parts of the day with my father and the other half with my mother. Other peers in places that I would go to school with thought my family was together because they were more involved in what I liked to do when I was younger. When I was…

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  • Family Essay: My Role In My Family

    My role in my family is really big and important.Being the oldest boy in my family is something I am really proud of. Especially because I am the role model of my brother and I am always there to help my mom with anything she needs.Since my father does not live with us i have to step up for being the role model for my brother which can be hard but having my mom by our sides can be really helpful.My parents divorced when I was really young and left my sisters,brother,and I which is something hard…

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  • My Family And Family Groups In A Family

    Family Groups Oddly enough my own side of the extended family, I would consider to be both a secondary group and my out-group. First of all, the vast majority of them have passed away. My mother and father are gone, as well as my beloved grandfather, and the only cousins in my family that I ever wished to associate with. Secondly, the remaining family members are volatile and have a negative impact on my life and my children’s lives, hence why I choose to keep them as far away as possible. They…

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  • My Value Of My Family

    MISSIONS STATEMENT: My first and foremost value is my relationship with Christ. Despite my really ugly past, God has never left my side even when I have continuely turned against him. My second value would most undoubtably be my family, especially my parents. Both of my parents have made major sacrifices for us and I hope to be just like them as a parent and as an individual. Finally, my last value is my passions and dreams. I have spent many years of my life growing up dreaming about what I…

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  • My Grandmother In My Family

    The oldest living relative in my family is my Grandmother Lou on my mother’s side. All of my other grandparents on my mother and father’s side have passed on. I called my Grandma Lou and asked her about my ancestors. She proceeded to tell me about how we have a book that goes way back and traces our ancestors but, sometime admit the chaos of life, it has been misplaced. My Grandma Lou said she would tell me the most she can remember about my ancestors and hopefully that will do. He was french…

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  • My Grandmother And My Family

    My grandmother on my father’s side was Italian and Irish. Her mother was Irish and her father was Italian. They met in Boston and had three children, 2 girls (one being my grandmother) and 1 boy. My grandfather on my father’s side was Russian, as were both of his parents. Both families moved to Boston seeking a better life for their children. My grandmother’s family lived in the Irish part of town while my grandfather lived in the Russian area; they met and started dating at their high school.…

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