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  • And Gun Control

    America has long had a gun control problem. Every week now it seems like there’s another school shooting or another person on a shooting rampage. Then after it is over the same debate comes up every time. The debate on controlling guns and making sure they do not get into the wrong hands. Once, after a few weeks go by and what happened is out of people’s minds, momentum for controlling guns gets lost as time goes on. It dies down and people are not thinking about it until the next one occurs. Controlling guns, and eventually the shootings that come along with them is going to take more than just laws specific to guns. It will take focusing on who is getting the guns; the mentally ill, people who are not sane, felons, and people with radicalized…

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  • Gun Control In Philadelphia

    question; this city has become an example of rising gun violence, with constant shootings and multiple deaths. Every day and night, people are shot and often even killed for various and sometimes mysterious reasons. The city of brotherly love is in desperate need of more control of armed weapons, because gun violence has led to an increase in violence and deaths, weapons are too easy to obtain, and the police are being rendered powerless to stop the rising shootings. Mayor Nutter of…

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  • Gun Control Response

    Gun control isn’t the answer. As a law abiding citizen I follow the rules and make sure that my gun is in a safe place at all times. The key problem that people don’t realize is that guns do not shoot themselves but instead they are shot by the person who holds it whether they are of stable mind or not. Many think that by placing gun laws into effect it will reduce violence but the truth is that it will actually cause more harm than good. Take for example drugs and other substances they are…

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  • Pro Gun Control

    Gun control causes a lot of violence and crime in the U.S., there needs to be more restrictions. Make it harder for Americans to purchase handguns, but can carry them as concealed weapons for protection. In the last year, ten thousand seven hundred and twenty eight people died from getting shot by a handgun(Gun-Control Dishonesty). Handguns should only be for protection, not because you want to kill someone. The second amendment states that it is your right to bear arms(Gun Control Costing…

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  • Gun Control And Gun Violence

    Gun Control does not prevent Gun Violence Gun control is a very controversial topic especially in today's society; whether gun control is good or bad is a very talked about subject especially when it comes to the United States. This is a very touchy subject because guns are a part of a lot of people's daily lives. People that are anti gun control believe that no one should be able to put any restrictions on guns. They believe that people should be able to buy a firearm just like a pair of boots…

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  • Gun Control Proposal

    dangerous environment of gun violence, especially children, women, and older people. From the statistics of gun violence in America, there are many results of surveys that show how serious gun violence in Arizona is, like how the rate of Arizona’s gun-death ratio is 40 percent higher than the U.S. average. The Law Center to prevent Gun Violence gave Arizona an “F,” ranking it 49th out if 50 states, even Arizona had the eighth-highest rate of women killed by men and so on (Center for American…

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  • Definition Of Gun Control

    Gun control, it a very controversial topic and its been a very hot topic in the past few years. United Stets of America has lived some dramatic events were the gun have killed people in mass. They always blame the gun for doing the crime but never look into the people who actually commit the crime. It like if the gun grew some legs and went out shooting a lot of people, yet but because of these events that have happen it makes it seem this way. Why do we have such term, several mass shooting…

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  • Gun Control In America Essay

    Gun control in America is hard topic to talk about. Most people feel that if we get rid of guns that the problem with mass shooting and gang violence will go away, but in all reality, it’s not going to help with much of anything. The government and some people want to make it illegal for everyday law abiding citizen to have guns. This will only make us an easier target for law unbinding citizens. People that obey the law will not use gun for violence, but for hunting or protection from others.…

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  • Gun Control

    think there should make laws about gun control. However, others would disagree about having gun control because according to the second amendment it gives U.S. citizens the right to own guns. The three reasons why some are against control are: It is the people of the United States right, avid shooting and hunting. The people of the United States of America has the right to own guns according to the 2nd Amendment, it states “A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security…

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  • Gun Control In Canada

    Gun Control is an important issue to Canadians in today’s society. Society’s concerns about protection from violent crimes involving firearms have encouraged Canadian Parliament to pass tougher gun control legislation. In the early 1800s, Canada lacked a rational/permanent, gun policy. The gun restrictions that did exist were temporary executed during elections and rebellions. The federal government is mainly responsible for guns and gun control in Canada. Legislation covering guns and gun…

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