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  • Writing and Three-page Essay

    ENC 1101 Formal Paper Assignment 2: The Exemplification Essay (worth 125 points) All papers must be typed in 12-point Times New Roman font using proper MLA format. In a reasonably coherent thesis-driven essay of between two-and-a-half to three typewritten, double-spaced pages, address one of the following prompts listed below: 1. Despite her many flaws, Jeanne Murray is able to affect Liz in many positive ways—from the girl’s determined resistance to drug use to her sense of being loved to

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  • Jonathan Edwards Essay Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God

    The description of the serpent evokes despair through the congregation. The use of descriptive language and imagery allows Edwards to alert his audience through fear and to make them repent for their evil behavior. Jonathan Edwards uses exemplification and compare and contrast as a rhetorical strategy from the patterns of development to clarify and elucidate his statements. "We find it easy to tread on and crush a worm that we see crawling on the earth; so it is easy for us to cut or single

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  • Essay about Psy 110 Week 4 Quiz 4 Chapter 4

    attribute their own behavior to external causes but others’ behavior to internal factors aa. The tendency to use others’ self-presentations to guide one’s own self-presentations 1. Person perception ________________________________________ 2. Exemplification ________________________________________ 3. Intimidation ________________________________________ 4. Ingratiation ________________________________________ 5. Self-handicapping ________________________________________ 6. Self-monitoring

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  • Human Nature And Innate Potentials

    interconnections, or ontogenetic positions in the structuring of mental and behavioural functions. These various psychological traits have been referred to as Innate Potentials, including things such as the theory of mind and the idea of three-dimensional exemplification, which subsequently also show a cultural irregularity that can be traced to environmental influences on development. In Conclusion, it would be misguided to assume that human nature solely amounts to innate potentials. Human nature is a conglomerate

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  • The Argument Regarding The Internet, Technology, And Social Media

    and Clive Thompson all use in their essay’s is exemplification. However, boyd’s use of exemplification was far more superior than Thompson’s and Carr’s. Throughout her essay, danah boyd would not only make a claim, but she would back that claim up with an example, proving her claim to be true. This exceptional use of exemplification not only strengthened danah boyd’s claim, but her essay in its entirety. One example of boyd’s use of exemplification follows the claim that parents will do nearly anything

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  • Analysis Of George Orwell 's ' The Geography Of Thought '

    two very different societies: Asian and Western. Nisbett’s purpose is to examine why the world behaves as such and how different outlooks on life can skew an entire society. Nisbett uses comparison and contrast, studies and statistics, and exemplification, to explain how and why the world’s communities conduct themselves in specific manners. To begin, Nisbett’s entire book is centered around the comparison and contrasting of Asian and Western lifestyles, ideals, morals, etc. Nisbett effectively

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  • The Hall Of Bulls Is A Beautiful Upper Paleolithic Cave Painting

    perspective could invoke reform to modern science and history, unlock a deeper understanding of the universe, or help develop clarity pertaining to societies that were lost in the past. Identify the Subject Matter [Iconography] Hall of Bulls is an exemplification of the wild life present in France ca. 20,000-10,000 B.C. A quick observation shows a a flat mural scene and that scene is painted on a rigid rocky surface above the landscape, which resembles clouds. The scene contains many animals such as; bison

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  • We Wear the Mask Essay example

    One will evidently see both the apparent polarity and hidden exemplification associated with the implementation of duality within the aforementioned poems. Dunbar's ability to conflate the standard English verse and the "Negro" dialect not only enables him to illustrate yesterday's hardships but also tomorrow's promises, in which each poem in itself epitomizes the properties of bifurcation through juxtaposition and exemplification. To exemplify, Dunbar's poem "We Wear the Mask" utilizes the

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  • Taking Responsibility For Their Own Behavior

    a connection between one’s mind and what one embodies in their experience. MBT is psychoanalytical but differs from Psychoanalytical psychodynamic Psychotherapy (PPP). The objective is not transference but does require insight into the mental exemplifications and narratives of the past and present. DBT interventions are very distinctly designed from a cognitive behavioral orientation. This is often done in a classroom like setting including group discussion, worksheets, and at home assignments. MBT

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  • Paul And The Philippians ( All Reflections Of Reading The Book Of Philippians

    Explanatorily, Paul declared those washed by the blood of the Lamb, were no longer to apply the ceremonious acts that signified the precondition for a clean heart. Exceptionally, Paul exhorts with respect to the Philippians to follow his exemplification, and be “encouraged to speak the word of God more courageously and fearlessly” (Philippians 1:14) throughout periods of persecution. Primarily, all Christians have undergone persecution, an aversion of the unbelievers in rebellion to the gospel

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  • The Great Gatsby By F. Scott Fitzgerald

    physical level, Daisy is on multiple occasions seen “as [a] ‘demigoddess,’ as ‘the ethereal
white goddess’ in ‘an almost supernatural romance,’” furthering, as Settle believes, the mythic quality that Daisy possesses. A strong focus on these exemplifications is maintained as the root of her argumentative style, which is purely relational – classical to modern and mythic image to symbolic representation. In total, Glenn Settle’s approach to her interpretation of the text is a concrete one. She inputs

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  • The Journey Of Losing His Voice

    In this passage, Hitchens doesn’t realize what having a voice means and how much it impacts his life until it’s gone. Creating this passage with multiple methods primarily using quotes, narration, cause and effect, comparison and contrast and exemplification, Hitchens told us in a story like form the journey of losing his voice. Authors choose certain methods to use in their writing because each method has a different effect on the reader. One of the methods Hitchens used were quotes to help portray

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  • Is Google Making Us Stupid?

    these experts must have some association to a concrete source of research, but they too are just stating personal experience. In his argument, Carr uses a healthy mix of persuasive strategies, specifically using authorities, common place and exemplification. Authorities or “big names” are often used to add some form of credibility to an author’s claim or argument. Carr does an astounding job of collecting big names, but overall it doesn’t increase the credibility of his claim. For example, Carr

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  • Internal And External Company Progress

    face-to-face contact; is a given strategy which could turn the workplace communication into a competence for any organization,” (Ergen, 2010, p. 8). Technology continues to encourage such connectivity, and should be embraced through leadership exemplification. Communication, “… is like the blood which you cannot control but you can provide it a healthy body to live,” (Ergen, 2010, p. 8). One form through which healthy informal communication can transcend stands in communities of practice (CoP). CoP

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  • Analysis Of Walt Whitman 's Song Of Myself

    believes in the idea that they are equal to everyone else. At the time, this concept would have been debated as these groups were still heavily oppressed, however, the fact that Whitman included members of these groups of people in his story is an exemplification of the concept of equality. But these two examples also show the difficulty in balancing freedom with equality. For example, in the lines about the Natice American woman, line 181 says, “One hand rested on his [the trapper’s] rifle….the other

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  • Essay Veronika Decides To Die Exemplification

    "Veronika Decides to Die," is a novel by Paulo Coelho, a Brazilian writer with many inspirational works such as The Pilgrimage and The Alchemist. This novel begins in the city of Ljubljana; capital of Slovenia, its main character is Veronika, a young and beautiful girl of 24 years of age to whom the monotony of her life has led to suicide. Veronika was certain that at her age, she had achieved everything she wanted. She believed that the only thing that could be missing to live was the bad things

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  • The Pearl By John Steinbeck

    this you can see that Kino is reflecting on everything the pearl has done and is remorseful. From this you can also see that Kino is starting to learn how to cope with his guilt because he is finally realizing the true nature of the pearl. An exemplification of Kino’s rising frustration is when, “...the people say he carried fear with him, that he was as dangerous as a rising storm...the pearl was ugly...Kino heard the music of the pearl, distorted and insane. Kino’s hand shook a little…”(Steinbeck

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  • Analysis Of The Article ' The Republican Attack On Muslims '

    and our Constitution.” The principles of our Constitution have “guidelines” or “principles” of countless things, but involving your religious beliefs with your public life is not one of them. Majority of the article is bias to Muslims through exemplification. The Article’s purpose was to portray the political slandering of the Republican party towards the Muslim people and that is exactly what they did. Republicans, such as Ben Carson, state that Muslims go against “American values, constitutional

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  • Analysis Of The Book ' Dolce And Gabbana '

    the advertisement. It additionally proposes that one of the main methods for achieving this is through the shower of Dolce and Gabbana 's Light Blue. Ladies, as the advertisement proposes, require a man with a specific end goal to feel the exemplification of substantial energy, partner the heterosexist aspect of the promotion. Besides, to try and pull in a man, she should physically take after the blonde, tanned, and thin model as nearly as she can. This unpretentious inducing element is critical

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  • Old Spice Launched : The Man Your Man Could Smell Like

    of the urgency surrounding their new product by appealing to their own underlying desires, affecting their decision making without being cognitively recognized. The narrator achieves this by specifying the foundations of attractiveness, using exemplification, and employing a confident presence to convince his audience of their need of the product. To begin, Mustafa outlines the basis of attraction to persuade the audience to buy the product. It seems as though the narrator is addressing women initially

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  • Rhetorical Analysis : How The Author Writes Rather Than What They Actually Wrote

    in this article is to point out what is wrong with financial reporting, and the authors want all people are doing business have to usefully describe the truth, and nothing with the truth in financial reports. The authors are using description, exemplification, comparison and contrast strategies to express their purpose on this article, and they provide the significant details, which explain what is happening in accounting, as well as rhetorical appeals such as ethos and logos such as analogies help

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  • Kate Chopin 's The Awakening

    constant lack of detail of her children. Juxtaposition with this joyousness appears when Arobin leaves Edna after spending the night together (146). There is not “[any] despondency when she fell asleep that night” nor when she awoke (146). This exemplification of Edna’s variations in her moods is microcosmic of her indecision to elect men in her life, and furthermore her failure to pursue true happiness. To have not only one but two very intimate relationships with Arobin and Robert besides her husband

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  • The College Male And His Influence On The World

    as boys and they leave as men. It is their adherence to the masculine gender role that plays the most important role in this transformation, specifically the participation in fraternity life. I aim to analyze the typical male gender role, it’s exemplification via the fraternity lifestyle, the effect it has on developing male youths, and, ultimately, its effect on society as a whole. Gender Roles To guide one’s development of behavior one must know which behaviors to adopt and exemplify, which is where

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  • The Stakes Of Decriminalized Drugs

    shadow drug policy and conveys to the audience their role as stakeholders of the same company. It is through the rhetorical modes Currie exercises the pivotal points of his arguments either by description or cause and effect. Whether it is the exemplification of a model country or jab at the “War on Drugs,” he makes a swing on both ends and guides readers through the labyrinth known as drug policy. By challenging readers and testing their mettle Currie hopes to inspire them to take their own stance

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  • William Shakespeare 's ' Everyman '

    wrong one to take after. The unusualness and enticement of the Death 's exemplifications ensure an immaculate implementation of his task. The life taker gets to be at the same time the spirit rescuer. The adversary basically and activities turns into the hero in his enthusiasm. While depicting this diligence of the Death character, the author of the play demonstrates his appreciation and adoration of this exemplification.

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  • Socrates on Moral Value

    important role in conveying Socrates’ position on living a meaningful life of moral worth; through those documents we can see that his grasps on his beliefs were firm up until his execution, denying any fear of death in pursuit of the maximal exemplification of his teachings. The primary concern of in Socrates’ life was the foundations of moral excellence, specifically in regards to the soul. He believed a “morally excellent” soul was one that contained utmost virtue. Socrates saw the soul as the

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  • Symptoms And Treatment Of Antibiotics

    original form of antibiotics, “penicillin- resistant staph emerged in the 1940’s...” followed by six different forms of antibiotics that were also developed, then resisted by human body 's shortly after. (McKenna 190) Even after the constant exemplifications of human resistance to antibiotics, because of the miss use, the medical universe continues to rely heavily on the use of antibiotics. McKenna jolts the audience’s emotions, by displaying the darker side of antibiotic use that follows medical

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  • Macbeth Essay

    and mercy awakened during the resolution of the plot in spite of the indubitable culpability is the comprehension and realization that under wrongful circumstances any man can turn evil. Macbeth, one of Shakespeare’s most famous works, is the exemplification of what Rousseau stated. It’s an inspiration to be better than ordinary, to be honorable, moral and righteous enough to avoid the train wreck of society and to conserve the immaculate essence intrinsically inserted in men. As Shanley recalls,

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  • Ms Lou Essay

    abuse  Financial abuse  Institutional abuse  Self neglect  Neglect by others 1.1 Identify the signs and/or symptoms associated with each type of abuse 1.2 Describe factors that may contribute to an individual being more vulnerable to abuse Exemplification An individual will usually mean the person supported by the learner but may include those for whom there is no formal duty of care Factors may include:  a setting or situation  the individual Types of abuse Physical abuse involving contact intended

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  • Travelers: Fantasists, Conjurers, and Seers of the World

    exploring new cultures and atmospheres? In “The Shock of Teapots,” by Cynthia Ozick, the quality and nature of traveling and travelers themselves is explored. Within this work of creative nonfiction, Ozick strategically uses genre, diction, and exemplification to effectively emphasize that travelers see ordinary things in a new light when visiting other places and countries. She starts off by discussing a morning during a Swedish autumn. She describes the morning using a lot of imagery, saying things

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  • Essay Writing Forms and Styles

    broader perspective while countering a possible flaw that some may present.[11] [edit]Exemplification An exemplification essay is characterized by a generalization and relevant, representative, and believable examples including anecdotes. Writers need to consider their subject, determine their purpose, consider their audience, decide on specific examples, and arrange all the parts together when writing an exemplification essay.[12] Malthus' Essay on the Principle of Population [edit]Familiar A familiar

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  • Essay on Islamic Political System

    or acquired by us in our own right. The medium through which we received the law of Allah is known as Risalat. We have received two things from this source: the Book in which Allah has set out His law, and the authoritative interpretation and exemplification of the Book by the Prophet (PBUH) through word and deed, in his capacity as the representative of Allah. The Prophet (PBUH) has also, in accordance with the intention of the Divine Book, given us model for the Islamic way of life by implementing

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  • Diploma in Health and Social Care Level 3 Essay

    respond to an individual’s reactions when communicating Communication methods include:  non-verbal communication - eye contact - touch - physical gestures - body language - behaviour  verbal communication - vocabulary - linguistic tone - pitch Exemplification 2 Be able to meet the communication and language needs, wishes and preferences of individuals © OCR 2010 1 Learning Outcomes The learner will: 3 Be able to overcome barriers to communication Assessment Criteria The learner can: 3.1 Explain

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  • Stereotypes And Stereotypes Of Asian Americans

    characterizes this group as intelligent beings with nothing else to offer. Another common stereotype associated to this group consists of Asians being bad drivers. Asian Americans are portrayed as “good at everything” except for their driving skills. An exemplification of this in the media can be viewed in the television show Family Guy in which an Asian woman is depicted driving in traffic, making swift lane changes and causing numerous traffic violations. Though this generalization can be true to some extent

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  • The Tragic Hero Of Macbeth By William Shakespeare

    represents life within the play. “Out damn spot!” –Lady Macbeth, Act 1, Scene 5 as she desperately tries to wash the metaphorical blood off her hands. The metaphorical blood is a symbol of guilt and anguish and “ 'smell of blood still ' is an exemplification of sensory imagery with the use of smell. The ending to the character of Lady Macbeth’s downfall begins with the feminine flaw of sensitivity. It is her sensitivity that becomes her weakness and leads her with an inability to cope with the legacy

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  • Rhetorical Analysis : ' The Spirit Of Accounting '

    thinking and reading skill instead of trying to understand the article. I’m majoring in accounting, and there is an article that I’m interesting “The Spirit of Accounting” by Paul B. w. Miller and Paul R. Bahnson. The authors are using description, exemplification, comparison and contrast strategies to express their purpose on this article. They provide the significant details, which explain what is happening in accounting, and also explain by giving an example how the business reporting in financing. Moreover

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  • Women During World War Two

    are capable of. The term Feminism can be defined as women who want to be at the same level of equality in political, economic, and social as men are. Although many people misunderstood the definition of Feminism, different strategies such as exemplification, comparison and contrast, and negotiation will be shown to help those who are not familiar with this word. To clarify more in depth about the definition, a good example is when women took jobs positions for men during World War two. Women were

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  • The Problem of Universals

    predicate of this sentence? The realists answer: In the philosophical jargon, we can say that the tiger exemplifies ‘whiteness’. What exactly does ‘exemplify’ mean? As I will show you, there is a major problem when dealing with the relation of exemplification. First, we must understand how the realists ever came up with the notion of ‘universals’. Well, the problem originated with the phenomenon of attribute agreement: different particulars share attributes, or agree in attribute. For example: all

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  • Modern Day Technology And How People Function Today 's Society

    problems which accesses the readers processing system in a different way to gain the upper hand. As for my third essay, all four articles present their target audience with convincing arguments through rhetorical strategies such as process analysis, exemplification, narration, and definition in order to support their views on the lack of knowledge teens posses in the 21st century. Overall, the use of rhetorical strategies in both of these essays is by far the most effective way of supporting their perception

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  • Family Values Richard Rodriguez Analysis

    those sectors, Rodriguez composes an array of personal anecdotes and hypothetical examples in “Family Values,” to profess his theory that Americans’ supposed beliefs do not always align with reality. With the use of generalization and paradoxical exemplification, Rodriguez is able to portray his beliefs about family values in America. Rodriguez’s analysis of American culture falls in category with many of his other essays as he constantly compares it to others, particularly his own. A second generation

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  • The And Of The Criminal Justice System

    Biblical law collections may best be considered as prototypical compendia of legal and ethical norms rather than as comprehensive codes (Fishbane, 1988). The received legal codes are thus a literary expression of ancient Israelite legal wisdom: exemplifications of the ‘righteous’ laws upon which the covenant was based (Fishbane, 1988). There were no prisons in Israel; as a result, God actively involved the Israelites in a progressive movement toward individual and societal restoration. Similarly, in

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  • The Anti Party, Anti Socialist Rightists, Overthrown And Fully Discredited And Their Influence

    Africa went through social upheavals against western imperialism. These elements, altogether, contributed to the revolutions happening in every part of the world in the 1960s. The Chinese Cultural Revolution and the Japanese ANPO Movement were exemplifications of this wave of social movements. Though the two movements did not accomplish all of their objectives, they both had important anti-imperialist meanings. Also, they both challenged the bi-polar world order by rejecting completely following the

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  • What Can Stop Kids From Dropping Out

    application of metacommentary, David L. Kirp’s essay “What Can Stop Kids From Dropping Out” would have been underdeveloped and ineffective. The moves taught through the art of metacommentary gave Kirp’s essay a more powerful punch through clarity and exemplification that would not otherwise be there. In short, without the art of metacommentary David L. Kirp’s argument would have been a complete and utter failure.

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  • Essay about Being a Stay at Home Mother-Exemplification

    Have you ever heard that people believe that being a stay at home mom isn’t a job? Have you ever been told that any job is more difficult than being a mother? I’m pretty sure I have heard it all. A stay at home mother must be able to multi-task, it is physically demanding, and you are responsible for others’ lives aside from your own, making the job of a stay at home mother a difficult one. As a mother you must know how to juggle many tasks at once. I have three children, a four year old little

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  • The Role Of Biblical Judiciary On The Criminal Justice System

    Biblical law collections may best be considered as prototypical compendia of legal and ethical norms rather than as comprehensive codes (Fishbane,1988). The received legal codes are thus a literary expression of ancient Israelite legal wisdom: exemplifications of the ‘righteous’ laws upon which the covenant was based (Fishbane, 1988). There were no prisons in Israel; as a result, God actively involved the Israelites in a progressive movement toward individual and societal restoration. Similarly, in

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  • The Odyssey, Odysseus And Penelope Are Exemplifications Of The Ideal Greek Man And Women

    In the Homeric poem, The Odyssey, Odysseus and Penelope are exemplifications of the ideal Greek man and women. Their similarities and differences, however, further prove the definitive divisions in what is expected of men and women in ancient Greece. Odysseus is a true Homeric hero and embodies all the characteristics that make him so. He is a leader, possesses strength, nobility and courage, and is on a quest for glory. He is an excellent orator and is good at persuading his audiences. Odysseus

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  • Essay on Superhero and Children

    Lauren Lee                                                                                    February 25, 2013 English 101                                                                                 Mr. Simmes   Exemplification Essay             To possess a human body, transcendental powers, and victory over evil villains are only a few characteristics of a superhero. These traits are the personification of what society has indicated to be the perfect man; or, depending on

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  • Blink: Beauty of Snap Decisions Essay

    with me on a journey into the world of snap decisions. Gladwell utilized rhetorical strategies to construct his argument throughout each chapter of his book. For those who are unsure of what rhetorical strategies, they are listed as follow: Exemplification - Any additional facts, statistics, personal experiences, or interview quotations that can be used to help the writer accomplish their task. Description - The writer’s perceptions of a person, place or thing. Narration - The writer’s personal

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  • How Does Swift Want The Reader Of View His Speaker?

    the least objection” (Swift 5). The quote above sheds light upon how the speaker rather tactfully enthralls the audience via the employment of an intricate thought process: a reality comprised of an identification of a dilemma (poverty) and an exemplification of potential solutions (consumption of children). This is, of course, not to mention the fact that he fabricates a mathematics-oriented plan, pertaining to the infants’ fates, thus displaying a blatantly obvious application of critical thinking

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  • 123 Ying Yang Essay

    most part is vastly exerted at random and without direction is not fruitful.  How can the Universe have a splendid beginning but such a poor ending?   It ought to be consistent from the start to the end.  This is a fact of vital importance.  An exemplification of nature’s beauty from beginning to end can be witnessed by looking to the Sun.  As the Sun rises in the morning, roseate clouds of luminous hues spread across the sky, and as it sets into the evening, it never fails to leave a trail of its colorful

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