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  • Environmental Issues In The Uk

    modern systems of environmental controls on process emissions and waste disposal were in place, has led to the current state of land contamination. This essay will discuss the provision of the current contaminated land regime, its interaction with other environmental cleanup groups in the UK, and its complications. It will further look at it in reference to the UK 's planning authority. It will establish through case law, the influence of the European Union law on the UK contaminated land regime. This paper will elaborate on the doctrine of Environmental Impact Assessment and the role of local authority in identifying contaminated…

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  • Environmental Issues In China

    more and more severe. Environmental issues, such as air pollution, water pollution, decreasing biodiversity, and deforestation have become prominent in many regions of China. In recent years, haze has become a popular term among Chinese people, especially in north China. The environmental problems can be harmful to residents, animals, and plants. For example, water pollution can cause many healthy problems, such as dysentery, metal poisoning and air pollution leads to respiratory diseases.…

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  • 1948 Environmental Issues

    The state of the environment in 1948 was arguably similar to the state of the environment today. Environmental concerns such as air and water pollution were, and are currently a major concern. The main difference in 1948 however, was that pertinent regulations and laws had yet to be enacted. Conceivably, the main benefit of an unfortunate pollution catastrophe in 1948, which put into motion several environmental milestones, was the Federal Water Pollution Control Act. This act paved the road…

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  • Environmental Issues In Silent Spring, By Rachel Carson

    book by Rachel Carson, is a book that explains the harmful effects that deadly chemical have on humans and the environment. Carson tries to persuade people to change the way they live. Has Carson succeeded in her attempt to change people’s behavior involving environmental issues? There are many ways that Carson has made changes in how people think about the problem of pesticides, insecticides, and herbicides. You may ask, how is Carson successful in her attempt? Carson has spread so much…

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  • Environmental Issues And Implications Of Mountain Top Mining

    The relevance or importance of environmental issues that are affecting populations locally and worldwide is growing and creating problems. Climate change, population growth, pollution, fossil fuels, alternative energy sources and many others are having an impact in our lives. Governments are implementing laws and policies aiming to reduce adverse impact to the environments. Scientists are busy studying and collecting data, new students enroll every year to study the environmental sciences. This…

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  • Great Barrier Reef Environmental Issues

    One environmental issues posted on the Facebook group on Ecologically Conscious Social is climate change’s effect impacts on the Great Barrier Reef where is one of the UNESCO world heritage sites. The Great Barrier Reef is located in Queensland, state of Australia. A concern raised by a group of environmentalists over a threat to the Great Barrier Reef is carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions that emit from burning of coal. The federation government environment minister, Mr. Greg Hunt approved a 16.5…

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  • Hetchy Valley Controversy: Environmental Issues

    A quick glance at the local or national paper will show you that there are many environmental issues today. Some of the issues you will hear about are related to population issues and how to control the population of humans on Earth. Some stories will be about the loss of ecosystems in some part of the world. Maybe you'll see something that has to do with the current administration treats environmental issues. You are going to probably be reading a lot of articles that talk about climate…

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  • Necessary Revolution Summary

    Necessary Revolution is written by Peter Senge, Bryan Smith, Nina Kruschwitz, Joe Laur and Sara Schley. It discusses how people, organizations and nations are joining hands to come up with positive changes especially in light of sustainability problems that include global warming that is a threat to humanity and the environment. The book tries to lay emphasis on issues of sustainability which have brought about a global dilemma that affects nearly all of us. Their arguments are based on the…

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  • Environmental Issues In Canada

    1. What did environmental concerns in your local area you learn about? Regarding environmental issues is really signifies one of the current biggest global challenges and also concerns of our generation. The impact and the major Environmental issues in Canada are regarding acid rain, pollution of the great lakes, the extraction and use of natural resources from the Canadian shield, and timber resources. Based on the popular Canada statical development and international environmental record,…

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  • Environmental Issues In Haiti

    state of having access to a sufficient amount of food from a reliable food source. In the world we live in, nearly half of the world’s population live below poverty line. Meaning, more than 3 billion people live on just $2.50 a day. Another 1.3 billion people live in extreme poverty, earning an average of $1.25 a day. Looking at the World Hunger Map (figure 1), Haiti is in the very high range for Prevalence of undernourishment in the population, meaning there country in food insecurity. This…

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